Jan  Wisozk

Jan Wisozk


The One and Only Data Science Project You Need

Are you trying to figure out your next data science project? Find the one and only project that you need to build, that’ll help you gain full-stack data science experience, and impress interviewers on your interviews if your goal is to jumpstart your career in data science.

I’ll break down the components of what a good data science project includes and exactly what an interviewer is looking for in a project and why they’re looking for it. I’ll also let you in on a secret about this project idea and why I think it’s the best one out there. So watch until the end to hear about what that is.


  • Intro: (0:00​)
  • Stay away from these projects: (0:58​)
  • Components of a great DS project: (1:28​)
  • Work with real data: (2:29​)
  • Work with APIs: (3:04​)
  • Databases in the cloud: (4:48)
  • Building Models: (6:10​)
  • Making an impact / Getting validation: (7:48​)
  • Conclusion: (11:00​)

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The One and Only Data Science Project You Need