Mastering Create-react-app

Mastering Create-react-app

Create-react-app is a method to automatically set up a production-ready React application. So, in here, we will learn how to master create-react-app. This starter pack is the most comfortable way to automatically create a production-ready React project

A couple of years ago, I was in a recruitment process for a frontend developer position, which included coding a simple project. The briefing was not complicated and I could use any coding language I wanted.

After my delivery, the company scheduled an interview to discuss my solution. I was very confident. I met all the requirements, I created a usable UI, I polished my code, therefore I was very proud of my solution.

A senior developer sat with me, with my project open on his laptop, and asked the first question: Why are you using a serviceWorker?

I froze completely. I had no idea what he was talking about.

After making a fool of myself for starting a technical interview clueless, the following questions were no better.

“What is this App.test.js file for?”, the interviewer asked.

“Oh at least this one I know!”, I thought. “That file is for testing purposes”

“So, what are you testing in this file then?”

I wasn’t testing anything. Just as the serviceWorker, those files were automatically created when I run create-react-app to automatically set up my project and I started to code without paying any attention.

The rest of the interview went better. I knew how to answer everything about my coding decisions, but unfortunately, I already had made a first bad impression.

Companies are looking for developers that know what they are doing. They don’t oppose using unofficial setup commands, as is the case of create-react-app,and they are fortunately not looking for people who deeply understand how to configure complex tools like webpack or Babel. However, they expect candidates to understand their own work and not do things arbitrarily.

That day, I learned a valuable lesson: I had to deeply understand my project's configuration.

Two years after, I would like to share some knowledge about this subject with you.


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