Playing with Pandas library

Playing with Pandas library

In this tutorial, we'll learn Playing with Pandas library. The techniques for Reshaping, Grouping, and Pivoting the data.

The techniques for Reshaping, Grouping, and Pivoting the data

Python has turned the world just in a decade with its popularity and efficiency. Python has followed offering a reliable trend of Data Science which comprises of:

· Data Gathering

· Data Cleaning

· Machine Learning models

· Visualization of Data

Pandas is a very fundamental inbuilt library in Python uptakes a lot of the area. It is an open-source library that is easy to use, providing high efficiency and many tools used in the analysis of data for Python programming.

Pandas is an in-memory no SQL type database providing a helping hand for basic SQL constructs, statistical methods, and the capability of graphing. As it was built on top of Cython, it runs quicker along with consuming less time to access some memory within a machine.

→Pandas have a very advanced feature of carrying out some operations on the group of data frames.

→Data Frame: A 2D data that is labeled. It contains different columns and rows.

So, in this article, we’re going to have our quick eyes on some methods of grouping, reshaping, and pivoting the data.

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