32 Data Sets to Uplift your Skills in Data Science | Data Sets

32 Data Sets to Uplift your Skills in Data Science | Data Sets

Need a data set to practice with? Data Science Dojo has created an archive of 32 data sets for you to use to practice and improve your skills as a data scientist.

Data Science Dojo has added 32 data sets to its repository which is freely available for data science and AI enthusiasts. The repository carries a diverse range of themes, difficulty levels, sizes and attributes. The data sets are categorized according to varying difficulty levels to be suitable for everyone. They offer the ability to challenge one's knowledge and get hands-on practice to boost their skills in areas, including but not limited to, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, data wrangling and machine learning.

The data sets below have been sorted with increasing level of difficulty for convenience (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) . We recommend you test yourself with all the distinct data sets we’ve provided. We’ve presented a challenging question with each one, however, feel free to use them in any way you wish.

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