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How to Move from QuickBooks Online to Desktop

Hunting for the process to export and convert QuickBooks online data files to QuickBooks desktop? There can be a handful of the reasons, why you would want to switch from QuickBooks online to desktop. This segment is going to discuss about the complete set of steps that you would have to perform, simply to export and convert QuickBooks online data files to desktop.

If you are also interested in finding out the steps to convert QuickBooks online to desktop, then make sure to scroll through this piece of writing. However, if you have any query, then feel free to connect with our tech personnel and they will guide you with the process. 

Steps to export and convert QuickBooks online data to QuickBooks desktop

You can perform the below stated set of steps to export and convert QuickBooks online data successfully.

Step 1: Setting up security settings in internet explorer

  1. At first, run the internet explorer and run QuickBooks desktop as admin.
  2. Furthermore, choose the tools tab and select the internet options.
  3. You now have to choose the security and trusted suites tab.
  4. Go for the sites tab.
  5. Enter in the add this website to the zone field.
  6. Make sure to uncheck the server verification for all the sites.
  7. Close the trusted sites window.
  8. Ensure that the enable protected mode is unchecked.
  9. Close and reopen internet explorer.
  10. Select apply tab and click on ok tab.
  11. Leave the internet explorer tab.

Step 2: Setup QuickBooks desktop for export.

Step 3: Prepare to export QuickBooks online data.

Step 4: Finish export the data

  1. Head to the setting tab and choose export data in QuickBooks online.
  2. You now have to repeat the steps and prepare to export the QuickBooks online data.
  3. Select the continue tab to download on the export from QBO page.

Switch to QuickBooks desktop

  1. Make sure to no company open screen opens up.
  2. Move to the file and choose close company tab.
  3. Choose the preferred option and select continue tab.
  4. You now have to click on download tab.
  5. And save the company file window and choose a location to save the file.
  6. You might see a pop-up window that ask where you would like to save the file and choose convert now tab.
  7. Select yes tab.
  8. Move to the continue tab and also choose done.
  9. Go for finished option and run reports to confirm that the data is converted.

The steps discussed in here are considered to be enough to export and convert QuickBooks data files to desktop successfully.

However, if you are unable to export the files from online for some reason, then do not waste much time in experimenting further, just discuss your issue with our QuickBooks desktop support team at 1-800-761-1787. And our accounting professionals will ensure that you get answers to all your queries.

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How To Fix QuickBooks Error 103 With Online Banking?

Facing Quickbooks Online Error Code 103 while managing you bank transaction? Follow the full article carefully to resolve the issue “QuickBooks Error 103” or else , dial (855)-948-3651 to speak with the expert team for quick guidance.

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What is QuickBooks Online Desktop App?

If you want to stay signed in to the system all the time, we recommend downloading the QuickBooks Online Desktop app. This allows you to access the account without re-entering your credentials every time as the desktop app saves your credentials. Moreover, you can straightly access the dashboard while accessing the QuickBooks Desktop app online. With the help of this, you can directly access the QuickBooks Online account without doing the extra effort. However, if you have multiple users of a single account, then you must have to remember to log out from the account for the safety concern.
Let’s proceed further to know some other benefits of using the QuickBooks Online Desktop App.

What are the advantages of using the QuickBooks Online Desktop App?**

Well, the QuickBooks desktop for online can be very helpful for the one who wants to stay logged in to the account all the time. If you are one of them and interested to know some other advantages of the app, check out the following list. Given below are some of the advantages to download the QuickBooks Online Desktop App.
You can easily open windows and save your time.
Access multiple Windows at a time.
You will be not required to sign in to the account again and again after downloading the app for using QuickBooks Online.
You don’t have to press three-way shortcut keys to launch a tap while using QuickBooks online accountant desktop app. It can be done in just a few clicks.
Your account information will get refreshed automatically. You have to do nothing about it.
How to download QuickBooks Online Desktop App for Mac?
After all, you have got familiar with the desktop app for QuickBooks Online after going through the above-mentioned advantages. If you are also looking for the steps to download the same app and unable to find it on the web, no worries. In order to download the app for QuickBooks Online, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.
First of all, sign in to the QuickBooks Online Account.
After that, choose the Help option and select Contact US.
Now, you need to write a brief description and press continue.
Choose the Get a callback option.
And then, enter your contact information.
Finally, choose Call me.
To Sum up
Hopefully, the aforementioned post has helped you in knowing all about QuickBooks Online Desktop App. If you have experienced any issue while downloading the desktop app for QuickBooks Online, then contact our experts immediately to get assistance at the QuickBooks Support Phone Number (855-365-6O12) . We will be happy by proving you with appropriate solutions to your queries.

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QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036 |

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036 is a common error gone through by QuickBooks Payroll users. This error shows in QuickBooks payroll all the time as various reasons can trigger this error in the application, when you face this error it won’t allow you to update your payroll to the most recent assessment table. QuickBooks Error PS036 takes place when you try to update your payroll tax tables, but an error message appears on your screen abruptly and stops the update process. The error mainly occurs when you face trouble in verifying your payroll subscription. Several other reasons in the software can bring forth QuickBooks maintenance release error PS036. The error code crashes an active window and prevents you from performing an on-going task. This blog post describes the error code in detail, along with some handy troubleshooting solutions. Let’s proceed!

Reasons for the Event of QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036

At the point when the payroll subscription is lapsed or invalid.
Multiple payroll arrangements are dynamic with a latent direct deposit understanding.
At the point when the QuickBooks application file Paysub.ini is bad or harmed.
At the point when the QuickBooks company file has been harmed.
On account of your QuickBooks application or the supporting windows, segments are not updated.
The Service key that you are utilizing isn’t correct.
In the event that your company file’s PSID isn’t correct.
In the event that the Windows you are utilizing doesn’t support the version of your QuickBooks Desktop application.
Invalid EIN Number is additionally a justification this error to happen.

Why Do I See QuickBooks Error Message PS036 While Updating Payroll Tax Table?

Diverse reasons in QuickBooks are credited to inspire a similar error while confirming payroll.

Note: Read the underneath given rundown cautiously, as it can help you in conquering the specialized error while refreshing payroll.

This error can take place when your payroll subscription is not active
An inactive Direct Deposit agreement having more than one active payroll agreement can trigger the error
A damaged QuickBooks Desktop file “paysub.ini” can evoke Intuit QB error PS036
When QuickBooks is not updated to the latest maintenance release
Incorrect EIN (Employee Identification Number) in the company file
Wrong PSID in the company file
Compatibility issues between the QuickBooks Desktop and Windows version

These are some of the possible reasons for the error PS036 while updating QuickBooks. However, the most apparent reasons for the update error is an inactive payroll subscription.

Get The Instant Solution with the Live Chat Experts

What Are The Effects Of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS036?

When the error occurs, you may experience the below-given problems-

  • Spending Over Payroll Subscription Purchase: To activate an inactive payroll subscription, you need to buy the subscription service from Intuit.
  • Active Window Crash or Degraded Performance: One of the instant results of the error is your active window crashes immediately the very moment when the error takes place. Slow-performance is another side-effect of QuickBooks update error PS036.
  • Re-Installing The Whole Software: Sometimes, you may also need to re-install the entire software due to the consequences of the error. In this process, you may also lose some essential credentials.
  • When the payroll subscription is expired or invalid.
  • Multiple payroll agreements are active with an inactive direct deposit agreement.
  • When the QuickBooks application file Paysub.ini is corrupt or damaged.
  • When the QuickBooks company file has been damaged.
  • In the case of your QuickBooks application or the supporting windows, components are not updated.
  • The Service key that you are using is not correct.
  • If your company file’s PSID is not correct.
  • If the Windows you are using does not support the version of your QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • Invalid EIN Number is also a reason for this error to occur.
    Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036

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QuickBooks Error code PS036 can be resolved by the below-given troubleshooting steps,

Step 1: Check for the QuickBooks Payroll Subscription:

  • Download and install the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop application and the Tax Table release.
  • Open the QuickBooks and log in to your Payroll Service Account.
  • Go to Employee, My Payroll Services and Account or Billing Information.
  • Type your login credentials and choose Sign In.
  • Then restart your PC and once again download the updates.
  • Now, open the QuickBooks application and verify whether your issue has fixed.

If you are attempting to deposit, direct paychecks for the company, do not perform the troubleshooting steps mentioned below in this article.

Solution- 1: Make Additions in the Paysub.INI File’s Name

The payroll activation file (Paysub.INI) stores the payroll’s subscription information and it is responsible for initializing the payroll service. If it gets corrupted or damaged, QuickBooks cannot verify the payroll subscription of the user. Renaming the file is an excellent remedy to the problem as QuickBooks will create a fresh file automatically the next time user runs the payroll service.

Note: The Paysub.INI file is stored as a hidden file on Windows. The user must configure the File Explorer’s settings to make the hidden files and folders visible first in order to access the file. Follow the steps below to do it.

  1. Go to File Explorer and click on My Computer.
  2. Click on the Organize button and select the Folder and Search Option.
  3. Go to the View tab and under the Advanced Settings, click on Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

    Show hidden files folders or drives in Windows
  4. Select Apply and click on OK.
  5. Exit from QuickBooks and press the Windows key to open the Start menu.
  6. Select Computer from the left pane, and under the Search Computer search bar, type Paysub.INI.
  7. Press Enter and right-click on the file from the results.
  8. Select the Rename option and add the word .ABC at the end of the file name.
  9. Press Enter to save the changes.

Solution- 2: Reset the QuickBooks Desktop Update and Download the Latest Version

Previously downloaded updates cluttered in the update section of QuickBooks can prompt an error while downloading the new updates. To fix the issue, you need to remove the old updates and then download the new update by following the given steps.

  1. Close the company file/s and exit from QuickBooks.
  2. Right-click on the QB Desktop icon on the desktop screen and select Run as administrator.

    QuickBooks Run as Administrator
  3. On the No Company Open window, select the Help menu and click on Update QuickBooks Desktop.

    QuickBooks No Company Open Screen
  4. Under the Options tab, click on Mark All and choose the Save option.
  5. Under the Update Now tab, click on the checkbox against the Reset Update option.

    Update QuickBooks
  6. Click on the Get Updates, and after downloading them, close the QuickBooks window.
  7. Restart QuickBooks normally and install the updates on your system by clicking on the Yes option.
  8. Once the updates are installed, restart the computer system.

Solution- 3: Perform a Clean Installation of the QuickBooks Desktop in Selective Startup

Clean installation of QuickBooks Desktop will refresh the installation files of QuickBooks that might be interfering with the payroll updates and causing the problem while downloading payroll updates – error PS036.

Note: Before performing the clean installation in the selective startup mode, back up your company file to safeguard your data in an unwarranted event of data damage during the process.

  1. Open the Run window by pressing the Windows key + R on your keyboard.
  2. Enter the word “msconfig” in the search bar and press Enter.
  3. Click on Selective Startup under the General tab and select Load system services.
  4. Under the Services tab, click on Hide all Microsoft Services and choose the Disable all button.

    Hide all Microsoft Services in Windows
  5. Click on the Hide all Microsoft Services checkbox again to unmark it and ensure that the Windows Installer checkbox is selected.
  6. Click on OK and choose the Restart button on the System Configuration window.
  7. After the computer opens, go to the Control Panel and click on Programs and Features or Uninstall a Program option.

    Uninstall a Program from Control Panel
  8. Click on your QuickBooks Desktop version from the list of programs and select Uninstall / Change.
  9. Click on Remove and choose Next.
  10. Run the QuickBooks Tool Hub and select Installation Issues from the left pane.
  11. Select Clean Install Tool and let the tool rename all the installation folders.

    QuickBooks Clean Install Tool
  12. Once the process finishes, exit from the tool hub and reinstall QuickBooks.
  13. Open the System Configuration window again by following the first two steps and go to the General tab.
  14. Click on Normal Startup and choose OK.
  15. At last, click on the Restart button on the window.

Solution- 4: Check if the Payroll Service is Active

Payroll will not download the updates if the user does not have an active subscription. To check if your payroll service is active or not, go to the Payroll Account Management portal on the Intuit website and verify your subscription status.

Solution- 5: Fix the Data Damage in the Company File

The payroll updates indirectly affect your company file, and if there is some data corruption in it, the payroll update will not be complete. To fix the data damage, the user has to run the QuickBooks File Doctor from the tool hub by following the given steps.

  1. Open QuickBooks Tool Hub or download it from Intuit’s website if you don’t have it installed on the system.
  2. Go to the Company File Issues tab and click on Run QuickBooks File Doctor.

    QuickBooks File Doctor in Tool Hub
  3. File Doctor might take one minute to open, and once it opens, choose your company file from the menu.
  4. If your company file isn’t on the menu, click on Browse and search to navigate to your file.
  5. Click on Check your file button and select Continue.
  6. Verify your QB admin credentials and choose Next.
  7. The scan will take up to 2 to 5 minutes to complete the repair depending on your file size.
  8. Once the scan finishes, regardless of what it says, go to QuickBooks and try to download the payroll update again.

Solution- 6: Edit the Incorrect Payroll Service Key in QuickBooks

If the user registers the payroll through an incorrect payroll service key, it would cause issues while downloading the update. The user has to remove the incorrect key and replace it with the correct one by following the given steps.

  1. Take a note of your service key through the automated Service Key Retrieval tool or you must have got the key on your e-mail.
  2. Open QuickBooks and go to the Employees menu.
  3. Hover to the My Payroll Service and click on Manage Service Key.

    QuickBooks My Payroll Service
  4. Click on Remove to remove the wrong service key.
  5. Now, select Add and type the correct payroll service key.
  6. Click on Next and select OK when the Payroll Update message appears.
  7. Make sure that the service status is showing Active and choose OK.

Solution- 7: Correct the Employer Identification Number (EIN) in the Company File

  1. Open the Company menu and click on My Company.
  2. Under the Company Information, choose the Edit ✎ option.

    QuickBooks Company Information
  3. From the left menu, click on Company Information and type the new EIN under the Federal Employer Identification No. Field.
  4. Click on OK to save.

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These are the two techniques to amend the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS036, and in the event that you discovered  this  investigating steps to be befuddling or you want a specialist to direct you fix this error, you may call our 99Accounting Experts team.

How Can I Verify My Payroll Subscription?

First of all, check that you have the latest version of the QuickBooks Desktop
Also, have the latest Tax Table
After that, open the QuickBooks Desktop software
Go to the Employees
Then select the My Payroll Services
Click on the Accounting/Billing information option
In this, log in to your account by providing the login credentials
Restart your system and then download the latest updates.

What If This Error Is Caused Because The Tax Table Is Not Updated?

If the error PS036 is because of payroll tax table not updating then you have to resolve it by doing the solutions mentioned below.

The solutions that you can do are as follows:-

Verify your login credentials of QuickBooks account
You have to update the latest release of QuickBooks Desktop
Install the Windows update as well
Also, verify the Employee Identification Number (EIN)

What Effects Does It Show In Error PS036?

The effects are as follows:-

You have to reinstall the software sometimes as it stuck or not working properly
Your Windows got crashed while you are working in the software
You have to spend over the subscription of payroll by purchasing it
The performance of the system and the software decreased after this error.

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Quickbook live person:How do I talk to someone at QuickBooks?

How to speak to a live person at QuickBooks? Learn it now

It is quite simple to buy and sell QuickBooks software from its website page, however, if you seek some of the common error with QuickBooks account software which is not working fine, you are required to get in touch with a live person who is available to help you at your required time in a simple manner. If you miss your money during manage your payment or you are not able to manage your account using your QuickBooks software, you must know the genuine tips to speak to a live person at QuickBooks and seek a proper solution at your required time simply.

If you want to solve the queries and doubts related to QuickBooks software, you can visit its official website where you can find contact resources that would assist you to talk to a live person at QuickBooks at your convenient time. But, if you are asking that how do I talk to someone at QuickBooks then to avoid unnecessary confusion, it will be good to learn the suitable guidance that would assist you to speak to someone at QuickBooks in a logical way perfectly.

**Steps to speak to a live person at QuickBooks:

Dial 1-800-446-8848 to get in touch with someone at the Quickbooks Support team

  1. At first, launch an internet browser and visit the QuickBooks software online account and click on the log-in button showing on the same page.
  2. Click on the Help button and navigate the browser and click on the contact button showing on the page and click on the contact modes after choosing queries.
  3. Select email service, phone call, chat, and social media service and to speak to a live person click on the phone call and press 1 to select the language.
  4. Press 2 to choose general queries and press 3 to choose your query for which you want a solution and press 4 to talk to someone who remains online to hear you at any time.

Thus, you can be awarded if you are asking that how do I talk to someone at QuickBooks, feel free to contact our customer representative team at any time.

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Ananya Gupta


What Are The Benefits of AWS and Microsoft Azure ?

AWS Training and Certification causes you assemble and approve your cloud abilities so you can get increasingly out of the cloud.

Regardless of whether you are simply beginning, expanding on existing IT aptitudes, or honing your cloud information, AWS Certification online course can assist you with being progressively viable and accomplish more in the cloud.

With regards to sharpening your aptitudes and comprehension Microsoft Azure, the Microsoft Azure Certification course online is really justified, despite all the trouble. Undertakings over the globe are reclassifying the manner in which they work with versatile and secure cloud-empowered venture applications.The confirmation is intended for the Microsoft heap of items.

There is an expansive scope of points to browse in framework and engineer aptitudes. To turn into a MSCA, you need to pass two assessments and exhibit your abilities as a cloud overseer and your pathway to turning into a cloud planner.

Benefits of AWS are:

  1. Easy way to enter in AWS community: The AWS is So famous as easy way to enter in AWS community. AWS community share an Amazon certifies logo and digital badge with the expertise.

  2. Become God of Cloud: The AWS is So famous as become god of cloud. AWS is a secure Cloud Computing platform to individuals, companies and government.

  3. Expanding professional network: The AWS is So famous as expanding professional networks. It helps for developing professional networks in the community.

Microsoft Azure is the cloud based platform that provides services in domains like networking, database and developer tools that help to scale the business. Azure is offers a wide range of functionalities as analytics, storage, mobile and web applications.

Benefits of Azure are:

  1. Largest IaaS Cloud provider: Azure is the largest and secured IaaS cloud service provider with a vast Microsoft product. Azure is supports Linux based operating systems.

  2. Simple and easy learning tool: Microsoft Azure learning is simple and easy learning tool. It is a simple and easy tool that creates and develop cloud based local applications easily.

  3. Using of Virtual machines: Microsoft Azure helps to learn different types of virtual machines. These are used for management, configuration and monitoring.

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