Comparing Magento Theme to PWA Storefront

Comparing Magento Theme to PWA Storefront

We compare Magento theme with PWA storefront, and help you decide if this new approach is really worth it for your business.

With Progressive Web App being the new approach to web development everywhere, Magento themselves haven’t been standing still either and introduced a new way to push for more PWA adoptions with PWA Studio. To best help you understand this new approach better, our article today will try to compare PWA storefront with the traditional Magento theme, and help you decide if this new approach is really worth it.


Understanding a Magento theme


Magento theme, in layman’s terms, is a combination of custom templates, layouts, styles, and images to bring an unifying look and feel to your storefront as well as to your Magento admin. 

How it works

The traditional Magento themes follow an inheritance concept, which means that custom Magento themes are always built on top of a base theme provided by Magento (Blank) and are highly dependent on the core Magento application for functionality. Magento theme is made to be easily installable and configurable for non-tech-savvy merchants such as yourself, but it does come with its own set of limitations due to the inherent drawbacks of the infrastructure in use (traditional CMS).


Magento themes can be found on various platforms on the Internet, most notably on Magento marketplace and ThemeForest. Especially on ThemeForest, for example, there are over 600 Magento themes and templates in various industries.

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