Top 5 React state management libraries in late 2020

Top 5 React state management libraries in late 2020

Managing state in big React apps can be quite troublesome. Here are 5 libraries that can help you with it. Top 5 React state management libraries in late 2020

So, less than 2 months left and 2020 will be over! What an amazing year this was, wasn't it? 🙃

Enough of this sarcasm. I think we all know the reality. I only brought this up because timing is quite important for the topic of today's post (as it might differ over time), which is a list of - in my opinion - top React state management libraries.

I have 5 options for you, in no particular order. Some of them you almost certainly know, while others might surprise you. As always, I'll give you a brief description, and if it catches your eye, then be sure to check out the linked docs.

Anyway, let's dive in!


Redux landing pageRedux landing page

You knew this was coming. Redux has been pretty much no. 1 when it comes to state management libraries for quite a while now. Sure, it's commonly bundled with React, but its core is independent and thus, it can be used with any UI library or framework.

So, yes - Redux is de-facto "the default" of its kind. But it starts to "show its age" and if not that, then to irritate some devs. Don't get me wrong - it's a great library, but its sizesteep learning curve, and verbose action-reducer approach to state management can make some people want to switch.

Still, Redux is the most popular of its kind, has the largest community and the biggest ecosystem, so it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

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