The Analytics Setup Guidebook Review

The Analytics Setup Guidebook Review

The Analytics Setup Guidebook Review. Everything you need to build a scalable analytics platform in 2020

I’m shocked to be telling you this next sentence: I read a free ebook from a company and actually loved it. I normally have a low opinion of free ebooks, seeing them as either overly long marketing pitches or too vague to be useful. For instance Snowflake’s For Dummies book on data warehouses is 60 pages long and yet is so dedicated to being abstract it never mentions Redshift, BigQuery or even Snowflake.

The Analytics Setup Guidebook from Holistics is a totally different story. It offers an overview of the different parts of the analytics stack: data warehouses, importing data, transforming and reporting it. (Note: it doesn’t cover more in depth applications like machine learning). Crucially it doesn’t just describe these parts abstractly, it discusses and compares the tools and services available today (it was published in July 2020).

If you’re already familiar with modern analytics and data tools there won’t be much new here. Rather than break new ground, what this book aims to do is give a lay of the land overview on the different parts of the analytics stack and how they all fit together, as well as different tools available and how they compare. Where relevant, it gives historical information so you can understand where past approaches came from, why they were used and why they may no longer be appropriate. It really succeeded in its aim for me personally, greatly helping me organise things in my head.

I’d never heard of Holistics before this and have no affiliation with them. They’re a Singapore based analytics company that make a data transformation and reporting product that seems very similar to Looker. They do reference their own product in the book, but only where appropriate. Their blog is really good too.

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