A step-by-step guide to implement Golang JWT Authentication and Authorization!

A step-by-step guide to implement Golang JWT Authentication and Authorization!

Explore JSON Web Token and learn more about how to implement Golang JWT Authentication and Authorization.

When interacting with any web application verifying the authentication of the user is considered a crucial step. This verifying process happens before the API makes the request, and this process has been supported by JWT, widely known as JSON Web Token.

Here we are going to talk about Golang JWT Authentication, which is vastly utilized for authentication procedures.

So let’s understand JSON Web Token in details:

First of all, we would need to understand the main idea of JSON and how does it work.

A JWT Token is considered a cryptographically signed token that is generated by the server for the client.

This token is generally signed using mainly two algorithms: SHA256 or HMAC

A JSON Web Token consists of three parts:

  • Header
  • Payload
  • Signature

Now let’s understand how to implement JWT Authentication and Authorization:

You need to follow this step by step fundamental guide to implement an Authorized JSON Web Toto ken:

  1. Create a directory
  2. Initializing with go.mod
  3. Create a main.go
  4. Download dependencies
  5. Download package of JWT
  6. Create Router and initialize the routes
  7. Create Structures
  8. Connect the Database
  9. Complete the Sign Up process

The authentication process is slightly different from the one explained above, but it's not as complicated as it seems. To get a thorough guide of that and for more insightful details, you would need to hope on our thoroughly explained Blog on Golang JWT Authentication.

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