Chatbots and how we built one using Rasa.

Chatbots and how we built one using Rasa.

A guide to the world of chatbots and why your business needs one, and how we went about building a chatbot of our own.

Before you go all Terminator on us and close this window and scroll away to another chatbot story that you found interesting out there on Google, bear with us.

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Chatbots are those interesting little guys who occupy a corner of your screen, usually the bottom right (don’t look, we don’t have a chatbot, yet) and help you with a question that you need an answer to.

Questions like:

  • What are your pricing options?
  • Where can I find more details about your product?
  • Do you have any client testimonials to back up your claims?
  • Where can I stash a body if I don’t own a ranch and live ina two-room apartment with three other guys?

The chatbot may have some trouble with the last question. Moving on.

Chatbots represent a form of marketing called Conversational marketing, which has been around for as long as we can all remember.

When you used to walk into a store maybe a decade ago and ask a salesperson about the right kind of vacuum cleaner for your house, that was Conversational marketing.

Ever picked up a phone and spoken to a company rep who explained to you why the “Toastmaster 5000” will solve all your breakfast problems? Yup, that’s conversational marketing too.

Chatbots are just taking those conversations to a whole another level. And they seem to be working too. This Gartner report says that 85% of all customer interactions will be managed without humans as soon as 2021.

Create Chatbots using Rasa — Chatbot market size

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Add to this other interesting Chatbot statistics such as:

  • 40% of all online shoppers, irrespective of age, prefer to use a chatbot, according to this Tidio report.
  • According to this Forbes report, three out of five millennials have used Chatbots at least once in their lives,
  • 63% of customers feel that businesses of the future should be conducted on Messenger.
  • By 2021, 50% of all companies will spend more on chatbots than on traditional mobile apps.

We now know chatbots are cool, and that they can lead us to some serious moolah, but we need to brush up on a few basics before we get down and dirty building one.

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