How A Master’s Can Help You Land A Lucrative Career In Data Science

How A Master’s Can Help You Land A Lucrative Career In Data Science

“Understand your area of interest, hone your computer science skills and add data science skills to that.”

Data scientists are one of the most sought professionals across the world. At SkillUp 2021, Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru, president and professor at the International School of Engineering (INSOFE), spoke about career opportunities in the US, Canada and Europe for data scientists.

Mastering data science

To illustrate the importance of a master’s degree to land a lucrative career, Dakshinamurthy presented two reports: One from Kaggle and another from PwC and Business Higher Education Forum. As per the PwC & BHEF report, more than one-third of data science roles in the US require a master’s degree, while Kaggle reported that more than 50% of their data scientists have a master’s degree. 

“Kaggle is a model-driven site where someone will take the data, put it there, tells you how to access it and asks you to do it. So, the skill that is tested is how well you run a code which you expect a non-academician to also have.

“Real-world, on the other hand, is not just model-driven. You need to collect the data by talking and interacting with the people, clean it up and understand the business. While there are excellent free videos, informal education available all over the place – traditional university education has a very important role to play in your success as a data scientist,” Dakshinamurthy said.

Earlier, data scientists were expected to be good at everything. “It can be considered true earlier, when data science was just ‘science’, but today data science has graduated into a technology. And when it becomes a technology, you have to specialise,” said Dakshinamurthy.

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