Landing Code: Applying Landing Page into Jupyter Notebook

Landing Code: Applying Landing Page into Jupyter Notebook

Landing Code: Applying Landing Page into Jupyter Notebook. Introducing a new concept in interactive Python programming

There are many options to compile your Python code. You can run it in Terminal, IPython, Spyder, Jupyter Notebook, etc. If you want an interactive compiler, maybe you will choose Jupyter Notebook. But, IPython (short term for Interactive Python) is not a bad option.

There are two types of IPython you can choose, IPython Shell and IPython Notebook. To open IPython Shell, you just write ipython in terminal and type ipython notebook to open IPython Notebook. So, what is the difference between IPython Notebook and Jupyter Notebook? I am not sure to answer it. But, if you launch IPython Notebook via terminal, you will be suggested to type jupyter notebook, not ipython notebook, as shown in Figure 2. I think IPython Notebook is migrating and merging with Jupyter Notebook.

The new alternative is Jupyter Lab, but I am not familiar with it. I am more convenient with the Jupyter Notebook. Maybe, I will write a story about it in the future.

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