4 Steps to be a Great Data Analyst

4 Steps to be a Great Data Analyst

TLDR; Don’t be a query monkey. In this post, you'll known 4 Steps to be a Great Data Analyst

5 months ago, I graduated from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University and landed a role as a Data Analyst in a tech firm in Singapore. As a data rookie with little formal technical training in computer science or statistics, I was nervous about the prospect of being surrounded by data experts at work but also immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn from them. Fast forward five months later, I took some time to reflect on the things I’ve learnt as an analyst.

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Exploratory Data Analysis is a significant part of Data Science

Data science is omnipresent to advanced statistical and machine learning methods. For whatever length of time that there is data to analyse, the need to investigate is obvious.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Data Science?

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50 Data Science Jobs That Opened Just Last Week

Data Science and Analytics market evolves to adapt to the constantly changing economic and business environments. Our latest survey report suggests that as the overall Data Science and Analytics market evolves to adapt to the constantly changing economic and business environments, data scientists and AI practitioners should be aware of the skills and tools that the broader community is working on. A good grip in these skills will further help data science enthusiasts to get the best jobs that various industries in their data science functions are offering.

Data Cleaning in R for Data Science

A data scientist/analyst in the making needs to format and clean data before being able to perform any kind of exploratory data analysis.

Interpreting Big Data: Data Science vs Data Analytics

Data Science and Data Analytics are quite diverse but are related to the processing of Big data. The difference lies in the way they manipulate data.