Cron Job AWS Lambda Functions Tutorial – How to Schedule Tasks

Cron Job AWS Lambda Functions Tutorial – How to Schedule Tasks

Cron jobs are usually used to schedule commands at a specific time. You can use them for tasks like running backups, monitoring the status of the system, or running system maintenance tasks.

Cron jobs are a helpful utility for system administrators. And when you are administering a system in the cloud, cron jobs are still very useful – you still have to do a lot of administrative tasks on your systems.

One way of running cron jobs in the cloud is to use a function as a service (FaaS), like Lambda in the AWS ecosystem.

Functions execute when they are triggered to do so, and they run code in the cloud without the need to provision or maintain any infrastructure. Also functions can be configured to run at a certain time or with certain periodicity, like traditional cron jobs.

In this blog post, I will use the AWS ecosystem to show you a concrete example on how to create a cron job using a function in the cloud.

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