How to Create a Jest Snapshot Test in React

How to Create a Jest Snapshot Test in React

Learn how to create a Jest Snapshot test in React. Jest is built initially by Facebook to test React components. Now, even some Angular applications moved to Jest. When writing snapshot tests for a React component, you first need to have code in a working state. Jest, a testing framework, will compare the snapshot to the rendered output for the test.

Testing is crucial to maintaining any application!

Testing is a crucial pillar when it comes to building an application. Knowing how to code is important and knowing how to test what you have coded efficiently is crucial. Do you wonder why? Nowadays, computer science is used almost in every domain. Building an application needs many teams and collaborations, a lot of phases (developing phase, integration, production …etc.) a lot of resources. Thus a lot of money. Today, if you are looking for a developer post, you’ll notice that they’ll also ask you about your testing tools and skills.

Testing is the only way to be sure that we don’t break what we’ve built so far and, at the same time, the only way to make sure that the whole app is strong enough to be spread out to the world or its real users.

Enough blabla, let’s dive in following this plan:

  • What’s Jest?
  • Jest Test Example
  • How to write a Jest snapshot Test?
  • Takeouts

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