Anne  Klocko

Anne Klocko


Coding the outcome of the Coronavirus - COVID-19 *Simulation/Prediction*

Hey everyone!

As the world starts to slowly shut down because of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, I wanted to use the free time while I socially distance myself to code/program my own prediction of what the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak might look like in the next 4 months!

I based my predictions on an exponential/logarithmic curve. I hope you enjoy this video, and even though we are going through some worrying times, I do hope I put a smile on some of your faces!

Please remember that this is a very basic prediction of the Coronavirus and by no means it is accurate, but to me it seems logical at what a possible outcome might be! Of course there is so many side factors that do come into play that I have not considered, but by all means it was super fun making this!

Please look after yourself and your dear ones!

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Coding the outcome of the Coronavirus - COVID-19 *Simulation/Prediction*