Serverless Is Amazing, but Here’s the Big Problem

Serverless Is Amazing, but Here’s the Big Problem

Serverless Is Amazing, but Here’s the Big Problem. But here's my issue with this: It doesn't solve the original problem very effectively. But in reality, few developers use serverless deployments.

Despite all its benefits, its adoption rate gives a totally different picture

Old technology

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First, it was Docker. Then microservices. Then Kubernetes. And now, serverless. Servers are a pain in the neck, right? What web developer wants to learn Apache Linux to deploy a SPA? And that’s just the deployment. Maintenance is a different ballgame. Load balancing, security patches, under-provisioning, over-provisioning — it’s an endless supply of problems.

Is serverless the answer?

Serverless computing has been growing in popularity in recent years. But how well does it actually solve the problem? First, let’s define it. In my own words, serverless computing abstracts away the functionality of the server so that developers don’t have to worry about their operation. You get to use a server without actually using a server manually. Technically, it’s not literally “serverless.” You just don’t have to worry about the servers you’re using. You submit your code and the provider will ensure that it runs when needed, regardless of volume. Auto-scaling and server management are no longer your concerns.

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