Using Nightwatch.js to Write End-To-End Tests

Using Nightwatch.js to Write End-To-End Tests

Learn how to use Nightwatch.js to write end-to-end tests. Nightwatch is an end-to-end testing library written in Node.js, which leverages the W3C webdriver API to interact with web browsers. Nightwatch.js | Node.js powered End-to-End testing framework - Write efficient end-to-end tests in Node.js and run them against W3C WebDriver.

In this article, users can learn about end-to-end testing, and developers can learn about Nightwatch.js, a popular end-to-end test framework.

In this blog post, I’ll introduce users to end-to-end testing and developers to Nightwatch.js, a popular end-to-end test framework. We’ll set it up, explain how it works under the hood, and further show how it could help ship products faster by integrating with a Continuous Integration pipeline such as circleCI.

What is end-to-end testing?

End-to-end testing tests the application from a user’s perspective so you can determine how well the business use case of an application is being satisfied.

This process involves using a browser-based automated testing tool such as Nightwatch, as well as Cypress to test our application in the browser. Then, you can make assertions based on your test results.

End-to-end testing involves testing every feature of the application from, well, end-to-end — meaning from the frontend components and building blocks to the backend features and functionalities. It tests how well they integrate with each other to meet the goal of the application.

Introduction to Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an end-to-end testing library written in Node.js, which leverages the W3C webdriver API to interact with web browsers, give commands, and perform assertions based on commands given.

Why Nightwatch?

Nightwatch offers many benefits right out of the box, including:

  • Clean syntax
  • Built-in test runners
  • Continuous integration
  • Easy to extend (I use Nightwatch for this feature, as it allows me to write my own custom commands and assertions for testing)


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