ETL tools can play a major role in your analytics project

ETL tools can play a major role in your analytics project

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ETL Tools cannot vanish They are Irreplaceable

ETL Tools are too Important to be Replaced. ETL tools cannot vanish and Business Intelligence derived from the entire Extract, Transform, and Load process cannot fail. ETL tools have undoubtedly carved out an undisputable space when it comes to data warehousing, but not many resources are aware of their actual capabilities and powers. However, this does not imply that ETL tools can be replaced. ETL tools are simple irreplaceable because of their marked efficiency in extracting, transforming, and loading data into data warehouses - an activity that makes available significant data for business processes. As far as the predictions state, ETL tools will be appreciated till the day data-driven businesses are on the cards, and such businesses are not going to die. Thanks to digitalization, commercialization, and globalization of the globe!

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ETL Process ETL is an initialism expanding to mean E - Extract, T - Transform, and L - Load. The ETL process is as follows:

Extract: During the extraction process, data is collected from disparate data sources or a specific subset of data is extracted from a particular source database. Extraction is done from multiple sources for the ultimate goal of deriving some meaningful business insights. This data may be heterogenous enough to include OLTP, social media data, log files, sensor data, unstructured and semi-structured data.

Transform: The second function is transformation of the extracted data. The extracted data is then checked for validation which implies that data having a desired schema is processed further and the remaining data that fails the validation test is processed in a different way in order to make it schema-specific, and hence ready for the rest of the process that includes loading data into the data warehouse. Therefore, during the transformation phase of the ETL process data is processed to conform to a uniform schema that is accepted by the data warehouse. This transformation of data into a desired state include functions such as data formatting, splitting data, joining data, creating rows and columns, using lookup tables or creating combinations within the data.Learn more from Informatica training

Load: The final step of the ETL process is loading the transformed data into the target data warehouse. This data, after transformation, is schema-specific catering to the demand of the data warehouse. Unlike the unstructured or semi-structured data available before the ETL process, the data is now structured, integrated, subject-oriented, time-variant, and non-volatile. This data is loaded to the data warehouse, thereby allowing data scientists to analyse data, gain insights, and create promising business policies.

ETL process is indeed important, and ETL tools are certainly irreplaceable.

significance of ETL: “By using an established ETL framework, one may increase one's chances of ending up with better connectivity and scalability. ETL tools have started to migrate into Enterprise Application Integration, or even Enterprise Service Bus, systems that now cover much more than just the extraction, transformation, and loading of data. Many ETL vendors now have data profiling, data quality and metadata capabilities. ETL tools have become a convenient tool that can be relied on to get maximum performance”

Significance of ETL tools can not go unnoticed. Data is meaningful only after the process of Extraction, Transformation, and Loading. Without ETL it is largely impossible to extract meaningful data and to transform it into a homogenous lot, ready to be stored in data warehouse. It is the process of transformation that converts data into desired state to facilitate smarter business intelligence that is applaudable and definitely towering in its excellence.

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Our Informatica Developer Training will provide you to learn the performance of ETL tasks with live classes. ITGuru Informatica Online Training also include projects.

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Our Informatica Developer Training will provide you to learn the performance of ETL tasks with live classes. ITGuru Informatica Online Training also include projects.

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