How to Change an EML File to PDF ? - Quick and Efficient Method

How to Change an EML File to PDF ? - Quick and Efficient Method

EML to PDF Converter to convert EML to PDF with attachments. Save EML files as PDF Adobe documents with black and white mode. Also learn how to open EML file in PDF directly with .eml to .pdf conversion tool.

How to change an EML file to PDF Want to know how to change an EML file to PDF? Don’t know an exact way to perform EML to PDF conversion. If yes, then read this blog given below. Here, we have explained the complete strategy to convert EML mailbox to PDF format.


EML vs PDF**

EML format is a simple plain message which comprises all technical information which are connected with an individual email. It contains ASCII text for email attachments, mail headers, hyperlinks. The EML format is known as RFC-822 file extension. It is compatible with so many email services like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc.

PDF on the other hand is Portable Document Format which can be accessed on the Adobe Reader. It comprises text, pictures, attachments, hyperlinks. This format is universally compatible and can be opened on any platform whether android device, laptop, iPhone, home PC, etc. The PDF file format is the safest file format as one can put a security code on the respective document and can protect it from unwanted hands.

So, now let’s talk about how one can change an EML file to PDF.


The Fastest Way to Convert EML File to PDF Format**

The BitRecover EML to PDF Converter for Windows is an automated and all-in-one solution for converting multiple EML files to PDF. It has the capability to bulk change EML to PDF format in a single round of processing. There are no bugs or errors associated with this software.

This software gives following advantages while you export EML files to PDF document:

  1. With it, one can selectively change an EML file to PDF without any trouble.
  2. Users can migrate all EML attachments as PDF by using this application.
  3. One can store the resultant PDF files into Black and White mode to make non-searchable PDFs.
  4. It gives facility to save a particular EML file in one PDF document at any location on computer.
  5. Using this tool, you can batch change EML data to PDF for saving time and efforts.
  6. The software is helpful for people working in various domains such as law experts, forensic investigators, legal discovery.
  7. The application also is beneficial to export EML files to PDF for archival purposes.
  8. During the conversion, it retains all email elements like attachments, images, hyperlinks, mail headers, etc.


How to Change an EML File to PDF Document ?**

Firstly, download and install the software on your Windows machine.

Now, there will be two options to load data into the toolkit. With either of these files/ folder option, choose desired emails which you want to change into PDF. This is image title Then, take a preview of all data and enable the required ones. This is image title After this, enable the ‘convert attachments as PDF’ option. It permits to export all EML attachments as PDF document pages too. This is image title Next, click on the ‘black and white’ mode feature to generate non-searchable PDF file in black and white mode. This is image title Now, browse a desired destination location for saving the resultant files on computer. Lastly, tap on the convert button to start changing an EML file to PDF. This is image title

Final words

Thus, by following the above guidelines, one can efficiently change an EML file to PDF document. You can take a free trial of the EML to PDF converter for testing its features and functions. The trial version is similar to the licensed version. The only difference is that with trial edition, you can only convert top 25 EML files to PDF. So, for an unlimited conversion, please upgrade the license keys of the product.

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