SSL Pinning & AWS Certificate Manager

SSL Pinning & AWS Certificate Manager

SSL Pinning & AWS Certificate Manager. Just Another Tradeoff Between Security & Stability? Based on the research done in 2014, 33% of CAs/Sub-CAs never issued a public SSL certificate.

IntroductionOne of the key aspects of securing data is protecting data in transit i.e the data that flows to/from mobile applications and backend must be sufficiently protected in order to prevent an adversary to perform Man In The Middle attacks.Isn’t Securely Implemented TLS Enough?

When correctly implemented(for example, only allowing secure cipher suites, latest protocol version, no overriding of default behaviour to disable checks during the handshake, etc.) TLS appears to be sufficient to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the sensitive data in transit, blocking replay attacks and providing authentication between the two parties. However, in TLS the authenticity of the server is decided based on the server’s SSL/TLS certificate which is issued by a Certifying Authority(CA).Hence the overall security provided majorly works on the basis of a TRUST MODEL wherein the CAs have to be trusted. And since it is fundamentally backed on a trust basis there have been cases of breach of trust/security compromise which sometimes not let stakeholders confident with only TLS in place for protecting data in transit:

There is indeed a need for an additional layer of security to protect our users in case there is a breach of trust/compromise of a trusted CA to prevent an adversary to obtain rouge certificates for our domains and perform Man In The Middle attacks. This is why the mobile security folks recommend SSL Pinning.

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