User Provisioning for Customer Accounts

User Provisioning for Customer Accounts

Manage user provisioning and access control, plus get on-demand customer status and force logouts, through the LoginRadius Admin Console.

Provision new profiles or convert existing social profiles to standard ones right from our easy-to-use LoginRadius Admin Console.

Some of the key features of LoginRadius’ User Provisioning feature are:

Create new standard profiles: You can provide a new customer and set the customer's position and membership and set up the LoginRadius Admin console to provide customer data.

Covert social profiles to standard profiles: Create standard email profiles and passwords for customers who’ve signed up via social login, all from the Admin Console.

Forced logouts in case of irregularities: For the times when you detect irregularities in your system you can force logout for one or all customers to ensure security.

Get on-demand customer status: Get live statistics about the number of customers on your site with just one click.

To learn more you can refer to this page about User Provisioning for Customer Accounts:

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