SQL Unit Testing Stored Procedure for SQL Server

SQL Unit Testing Stored Procedure for SQL Server

In this article, we are going to apply SQL unit testing for the stored procedure of an SQL Server database for a recruitment service.

Unit testing is an essential component of the database DevOps process. Its primary goal is to test the constituent parts of the database objects in order to identify any malfunctions or flaws early in the project. This approach allows database developers to ensure the changes they have made are verified, and the project will work properly. In our article, we will mainly focus on unit testing a stored procedure in a SQL Server database and exemplify how simple it is to conduct unit tests with the dbForge Unit Test tool.

Previously, we discussed the process of creating a SQL Server database for a recruitment service.

Image for post

Img.1. The database schema for a recruitment service

As shown above, the database contains the following entities:

  • Employee
  • Company
  • Position
  • Project
  • Skill

Nonetheless, in the series of articles, we somehow overlooked a crucial aspect of unit testing. So now, I suggest we have a closer look at this method and exemplify it by implementing the SearchEmployee stored procedure for an employee search based on certain skills. To ensure data integrity, we should add a unique constraint on the Skill table as follows:

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Skill] ADD CONSTRAINT UniqueSkillName UNIQUE(SkillName);

sql-server database unit-testing data

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