Top 10 AWS Cloud Migration Tools and Services

Top 10 AWS Cloud Migration Tools and Services

Take a look at some of the top cloud migration services you can use to migrate your services from on-premises to AWS Cloud. You need to understand the general terms of this field.

Before looking at the 10 best cloud application migration services, you need to understand the general terms of this field. We are 99% sure that your company is acknowledged with cloud migration, but it’s never late to explore.

What is Migration Software? 

Cloud migration is a similar process to moving from a small apartment to a luxurious suite. It involves relocating data from legacy infrastructure to the cloud. Legacy infrastructures are mainly physical places where the company’s servers are kept. They could be offices, for example. Keeping data that way is not reliable, and if your company is still using that method, experience the cloud platform. 

Cloud computing brings many advantages:

  • Out-of-premises maintenance
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced impact risks
  • Favorable position among competitors

During migration, data is executed from one environment to another. It’s a long and complicated road, and to make it easier there are various cloud application migration services. One of the best services is AWS managed support system.

Why AWS is the Best Place to Migrate

Many services could help with cloud migration like Google or Microsoft Azure. However, Amazon Web Service has the best study cases. Big companies such as Coca-Cola, Samsung and Twenty-First Century Fox trust AWS. Besides, this service is open to middle-sized and small businesses. Speaking of numbers, AWS customers comprise 90% small and middle-sized businesses, whereas only 10% comprise large enterprises. 

Moreover, AWS has been working since 2006. It all started when cloud migration was an unknown field, which makes AWS a pioneer in that field. 

Changes are always scary. They mean taking a risk, having a chance to lose and fall behind your competitors. However, with trusted instruments and AWS managed support the successful data transition is guaranteed. Get acquainted with the top AWS tools:

  1. AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART)
  2. TSO Logic
  3. Cloud Endure
  4. BMC Discovery
  5. Turbonomic
  6. New Relic Software Analytics
  7. Dynatrace
  8. Attunity CloudBeam
  9. AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)
  10. AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform

Find Out More About AWS Cloud Application Services

1. AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART)

To prepare for the exam successfully, a student has to identify their knowledge gaps first. CART is a cloud application migration service that helps companies to check their general readiness before they embark on a cloud migration. AWS provides you with a list of questions and visualizes the cloud adoption readiness with a report, a heatmap and a chart. 

To sum up, with a cloud adoption readiness tool your idea of migrating can become a precise knowledge of what gaps you should fill before transferring the data to the cloud.

TSO Logic

2. TSO Logic

The next cloud application migration service, which is owned by AWS, is all about finding the most cost-effective solution for your case. TSO Logic estimates how much your present application maintenance costs and what awaits for you in the future after commuting.

This tool is necessary, as it’s impractical to migrate without knowing how much you spend today. TSO Logic provides an analytical report on how to save the budget and what type of cloud is best suited for your company. The automated system collects all the data needed and saves your team from doing it manually.


3. Cloud Endure

Cloud Endure transfers the data from the migration source to the migration target. There aren’t any special requirements for your present storage method. It can be both on-premise or cloud source. This cloud application migration service replicates all the data without performance disruption or any other losses. Its main goal is to make the cloud migration an easy and a smooth process. 

Once the data is located in AWS cloud, it’s possible to make any other migrations of your choice. One of the many benefits is that the costs of the operation are maximum reduced, as Cloud Endure is the only tool you need to transfer the data without buying additional software.

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