Build a Scalable GraphQL Server With NestJS, MongoDB & TypeScript

Build a Scalable GraphQL Server With NestJS, MongoDB & TypeScript

Learn how to build a scalable GraphQL API with NestJsm TypeScript and MongoDB.

In this guide, we will be building a GraphQL API with NestJS. NestJS is a NodeJS framework designed for building scalable, efficient, and reliable applications. The framework is open-source and has easy to follow documentation.

As a result of following this guide, you will have a GraphQL API built on top of NestJS that can be deployed in a Docker container. The GraphQL layer will be developed with TypeGraphQL, reducing the need for TypeScript & GraphQL boilerplate.

⭐You can find the finished repository here⭐:

⚠️Warning⚠️: NestJS comes with a lot of boilerplate. If you haven't used it before, you will know what I mean by following this tutorial. Don’t let that turn you off NestJS, it is a great framework. The boilerplate means your code is extremely well organized, making it perfect for large applications that have a lot of developers working on them. So, it’s likely that startups and larger companies are going to be using NestJS more and more, making it a good idea to learn how to use it now.

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