I Quit My Software Engineer Job

Hey! This is a quick life update, I quit my job as a Software Engineer!

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I Quit My Software Engineer Job

Software Developer vs Software Engineer — Differences: Bogus or Real?

Software Developers vs Software Engineers

Personally, it pisses me off. Every time I see an article on this topic, my emotional bank account gets robbed. They are all about SEO. Inappropriate keywords squeezed into tiny sentences just to get better rankings. No intent to entertain or enlighten the reader whatsoever. Sometimes, such articles can even be outright wrong.

And even though the purpose of this blog post can be to generate traffic, I tried to make it more of a meaningful rant than a lifeless academic essay.

So, let’s see how you feel by the time you are done reading this paper.

Without further ado:

Since there are no proper interpretations of both terms, a lot of people use them interchangeably.

However, some companies consider these terms as job titles.

The general “programmer-developer-engineer” trend goes along the lines of:

  • programmer is someone who knows how to code, understands algorithms and can follow instructions. Yet, it doesn’t go further in regards to responsibilities.
  • developer is someone superior to the programmer. Except for coding, they also do design, architecture, and technical documentation of the software component they are building. They might be referred to as leaders, but not necessarily.
  • Finally, an engineer implies that you are the real deal. You’ve graduated with a degree, have some tech knowledge, and preferably experience… and you are capable of designing a software system (a combination of software components your peons, the programmers, have built). You’re like an overseer. You can see the bigger picture. And it’s your responsibility to clearly explain that “picture” to your team.

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Gerhard  Brink

Gerhard Brink


10 Latest Big Data Engineer Openings At Top Firms In India


1| Senior Technical Architect at Thoucentric

Location: Bangalore

**Responsibilities: **

  • Design and implement data architecture and ETL for a niche data platform.
  • Bring in-depth understanding on Relational, Big Data and Cloud technologies.
  • Build client relationships and participate in business development and proposal work to grow a strong data engineering sub-practice.

Apply here.

2| Data Engineer at Thoucentric

Location: Bangalore

**Responsibilities: **

  • Build data crawlers to extract data from customers’ data sources using available ETL platforms, and troubleshoot the issues faced during data loading & processing.
  • Design and build data warehouse models in columnar databases.
  • Develop data processing scripts using SQL and optimise complex sequences of SQL Queries.

Apply here.

3| Big Data Engineer at Thoucentric

Location: Bangalore


  • Take ownership of end-to-end data-pipeline including system design and integrating required Big Data tools & frameworks.
  • Implementing ETL processes and constructing data warehouse (HDFS, S3, Azure etc.) at scale.
  • Analyse the source and target system data. Map the transformation that meets the requirements.

Apply here.

Find below the data engineer job openings:

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 iOS App Dev

iOS App Dev


10 Must-have Skills for Data Engineering Jobs

Big data skills are crucial to land up data engineering job roles. From designing, creating, building, and maintaining data pipelines to collating raw data from various sources and ensuring performance optimization, data engineering professionals carry a plethora of tasks. They are expected to know about big data frameworks, databases, building data infrastructure, containers, and more. It is also important that they have hands-on exposure to tools such as Scala, Hadoop, HPCC, Storm, Cloudera, Rapidminer, SPSS, SAS, Excel, R, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, MapReduce, Pig, and to name a few.

Here, we list some of the important skills that one should possess to build a successful career in big data.

1. Database Tools
2. Data Transformation Tools
3. Data Ingestion Tools
4. Data Mining Tools

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Custom Software vs Off-the-shelf Software: How to select a better one for your business?

Custom Software or Off-the-shelf software, the question in mind for many business personnel. Read this blog to get help to make the right decision that will benefit your business.
For a business that wants to upgrade and modernize itself with the help of software, a common dilemma it is whether to go for custom-made software or opt for off-the-shelf software. You can find many top software development companies worldwide, but before that all, you should first decide the type of software –an off-the-shelf software or a custom one.
This blog aims to overcome the dilemma and accord some clarity to a business looking to automate its business processes.

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Max Andersone


Job Evaluation Software- A NextGen Solution

In the pandemic situation at this time working from home is a new normal for companies that are preparing to offer work from home choices for their employees. However, with this new normal, the company expects an online presence management system that handles employee work smoothly from home efficiently. Now the first thing that comes to our minds when thinking about monitoring the presence of employees is real time tracking that will lead to higher efficiency and better results. As per the report, the Job evaluation software has grown its market size.
To evaluate the work of home employee productivity & avoid unnecessary confusion you need to do is implement the attendance management software along with job evaluation software. This software will let employees be more responsible for the work they do, and they can access all information related to their presence, reducing their dependence on the HR department.

Find out why time tracking software is very important and useful for an organization.
Reduce absence
Automatic systems can reduce absence and enforce attendance policies that are in accordance with your business. Automatically tracks attendance data, so there will be no disputes in calculating hours done by an employee. You can easily find deviations and prevent attendance trends before they become a big problem.

Simplify the scheduling needs of your employees
Scheduling is easier for managers when they have an automated system in place. Automatic warnings about unfilled shifts and employee absence help them easily meet any shift scheduling needs. Reports help evaluate the efficiency of each shift and schedule employees based on requirements.

Employees can access the available schedule and break time
Employees can easily access their work schedules and see the break time available through the HR portal. It not only gives them the freedom to check their schedule but also makes them more responsible. Employees can make requests for rest time, track time of termination of demand status, and even self approves requests.

Increase employee morals
The use of the automatic time tracking system can increase employee moral. Tracking the presence of independent services and time out management can help improve the job satisfaction of your staff. When your employees have access to their work schedules and manage time turning off their time, you will increase the moral staff as a whole, which has a direct impact on productivity and efficiency.

The HR team can spend time on other tasks
Your HR department always has a kind of job at their desk. Especially when dealing with great staff, meeting the needs of every employee can be a big challenge. If you can eliminate the need for scheduling and discount time to go through your HR department, the staff will have more time for other tasks. They can focus on important HR operations, such as training and employee development.

Prevent salary errors
When you deal with great staff, occasional errors can add and be expensive. The automatic system can avoid payroll errors and ensure accurate payments for your employees. This allows the HR department to track time and record accurate salary lists. The presence of employees will be tracked in real-time, with data automatically sent to the central system. This simplifies notes to maintain and ensure accurate salaries.

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