Context Filters in Tableau

Context Filters in Tableau

What is a Context filter in Tableau? How does it work and does it affect my visualizations? By default, all filters that you set in Tableau are computed independently. The normal filters in Tableau are independent of each other.

If one wants to work on large sets of data and also does not want any lag in the performance, one needs to know what context filters are and how they can help in working with large data sets.

Quick filters in Tableau filter the data independently, that is it reads all the rows in the data and then applies the filter to produce the desired result. But when the user needs to have two or more filters the results might not be what the user wants due to the independent nature of the quick filters.

To understand context filters better we will try and solve an example where we will be using context filters to help us.

For the purpose of this tutorial we will be using the Sample — Superstore data available in Tableau. We will be calculating the Top N Customers by Sales, where N can be any integer that the user wants. We will be filtering the data by Category and Ship Mode. I will explain the use of Context filters as and when the use of Context filter appears first.

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