OWASP Top 10: Sensitive Data Exposure - DeepSource

OWASP Top 10: Sensitive Data Exposure - DeepSource

An overview of the sensitive data exposure security threat from OWASP Top 10 followed by a few examples of attack scenario and can they be prevented.

In a previous post, we covered the broken authentication security threat in detail. In this post, we’re going to talk about security threats caused due to sensitive data exposure.

Sensitive data exposure

As the name suggests, this security threat occurs when the web application doesn’t adequately protect sensitive information like session tokens, passwords, banking information, location, health data, or any other similar crucial data whose leak can be critical for the user. This threat affects users the most and can cause financial loss, access to the victim’s accounts, blackmailing which ultimately results in decreased trust in the brand.

When is the application vulnerable?

  • Hardcoding data like tokens, secret_keys, passwords in the source code.

  • Logging sensitive data in server logs.

  • Caching sensitive data.

  • Transmitting sensitive information in plain text.

  • Using old or weak cryptographic algorithms.

  • Using default crypto keys, generating or re-using weak crypto keys.

  • User-agent (e.g. app, API) not validating received server certificate which can result in a rogue server attempting to masquerade as a legit server.

  • An SSL-enabled client goes through the following steps to authenticate a server’s identity:

  • Is today’s date within the validity period?

  • Is the issuing CA a trusted CA?

  • Does the issuing CA’s public key validate the issuer’s digital signature?

  • Does the domain name in the server’s certificate match the domain name of the server itself?

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