Seven Different Visualizations of Immunization Data

Seven Different Visualizations of Immunization Data

In this article, I will talk about Seven Different Visualizations of Immunization Data

When using data, analytics show answers and insight into facts collected in a spreadsheet, document, or database. Being able to understand data in a visual context makes a story pop from numbers and is easily understood by a wide range of readers or viewers. Visualizations are a quick and easy way to tell a data story making numbers pop and information easy to understand. There are many types of visualizations. Using data, let’s show seven ways to see the same information.

How is Immunization and Exemption of Immunization Displayed?

Immunization Records of school age children in Washington State 2014–2015 to show the seven visualizations that make analysis of data easy to understand and showcase for an audience using Power BI.

Area Plot

Area plots show a count by placing shading under the line from data points on the x axis and y axis. Shown are three lines with shading for comparing data graphically.

Bar Chart

Bar Charts show a count by shading to show a value for a specific label. Shown are three values with shading for each Educational Service District in the dataset horizontally.

Key Influencers

Key Influencers is a newer visualization that answers a binary style question. Based on an algorithm, the display shows top correlation of variables for proving a influence on data from a key variable.

Line Plot

Line plots show a count by connecting data points with a line. Shown are three lines of different colors for comparing data graphically.

Pie Chart

Pie Charts show a count by shading and size of wedge to show percentage of a whole in as wedges of a circle. Shown are “slices” of pie that show total immunization and exemption per Educational Service District adding to total state enrollment.

Scatter Plot

Scatter Plots show a count by size of dot and placement on a plane to show data. Shown are points with size to represent intensity and placement of enrollment by immunization count.

Word Cloud

Word Cloud shows most used words in a sample of text or an input file by displaying most used words larger and less used words smaller to evaluate written content. In graphic, website for the dataset is used in an online app for generating Word Cloud.

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