AWS S3 - All You Need To Know About This Service

In this article, you are going to learn about a core AWS service, called Simple Storage Service. AWS Simple Storage Service, or S3, is a very versatile and useful service. It is also one of the oldest AWS services. That means it is one you should know, especially for the exam.

Therefore, let us start by looking at some of the use cases for this service.

AWS S3 use cases

Some of the use cases for AWS S3 are as follows:

  • Static Website Hosting => You can use S3 to store static websites like Gatsby.
  • Archive Data => You can archive terabytes of data at low costs thanks to S3 Glacier.
  • Backups => As you will see later in the article, S3 provides maximum durability and availability. That means it is a perfect place to store your backups.
  • Website assets => You can store your website assets such as logos, media, photos, videos, and so on.

What is AWS S3?

First of all, the full name is Simple Storage Service. Thus, to shorten the name, they simply call it S3 because of the three S.

S3 is one of the oldest and most fundamental AWS services. This service allows you to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere in the world. In simpler words, it is a hosting service where you can store your flat files. By flat files, I mean files that do not change—for instance, pictures, videos and so on. Thus, you cannot store a database on S3 because it is continuously changing.

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AWS S3 - All You Need To Know About This Service