Build a command-line Application using kotlinx-cli

Build a command-line Application using kotlinx-cli

Since the beginning, writing a command-line app is a challenge in many of the object-oriented languages.

Writing a command-line app is a challenge in many object-oriented languages. Most the object-oriented languages need heavy lifting structure(source code) to run a simple program. Java/Kotlin is one of them. Here, Gradle comes to save us.

Gradle is a framework helping us to create and maintain big applications. Gradle is awesome. However, setting up Gradle is also a tedious task. Here I will show step by step setup to build a scalable CLI(Command Line Interface) tool in Kotlin.


  1. Java 1.8 and above
  2. Gradle 5.5.1 and above(Gradle which supports Kotlin DSL)

Step 1: Create a multi-module Gradle project

Create a folder and scaffold the structure with Gradle.

mkdir kotlin-demos #[your project name]
cd kotlin-demos && gradle init

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Select basic [option 1] or just press enter. After that choose Kotlin[option 2] as build script DSL. You can enter the desired project name. The project name can be different from the folder name.

Once init is done, you can open the project in IntelliJ(IDE). It will sync the Gradle project and you can see available Gradle command on the right side of the IDE.

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Note: You don’t require IntelliJ for this tutorial. However, IntelliJ is very handy to work with Gradle

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