Introducing the IBM Wazi Virtual Test Platform

Adopting modern software development practices, including use of automated testing, has been the focus of a lot of work on IBM Z running z/OS. In the realm of automated testing, the launch of IBM Wazi Virtual Test Platform (VTP) is a major step forward.

Wazi VTP gives developers the ability to do a full transaction-level test starting with CICS and IBM Db2, allowing for integration testing during the build process, and works for COBOL, PL/I, and Assembler.

In her recent blog post, IBM Distinguished Engineer Rosalind Radcliffe dives deeper into what this means for organizations and developers, and outlines the initial CICS and batch support that Wazi VTP comes with. Visit full blog post here:

IBM announces game changing shift-left testing for mainframe applications to accelerate continuous integration

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Introducing the IBM Wazi Virtual Test Platform