Rahul  Hickle

Rahul Hickle


9 Priceless Robert Kiyosaki Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

In this video, I’ll be sharing with you 9 Priceless Robert Kiyosaki Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Follow
While Robert Kiyosaki is mainly known for his popular book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he’s also an investor and the founder of several businesses. His estimated net worth is 80 million dollars and his teachings have already helped millions of people to improve their financial literacy.

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9 Priceless Robert Kiyosaki Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Follow
Rahul  Hickle

Rahul Hickle


9 Priceless Robert Kiyosaki Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

In this video, I’ll be sharing with you 9 Priceless Robert Kiyosaki Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Follow
While Robert Kiyosaki is mainly known for his popular book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he’s also an investor and the founder of several businesses. His estimated net worth is 80 million dollars and his teachings have already helped millions of people to improve their financial literacy.

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Ian  Robinson

Ian Robinson


Crucial Data Analytics Lessons That Came With The Pandemic

Data analytics came as a boon to businesses when they were sitting hand-on-head during the beginning of the pandemic. Data analytics helped organizations sieve through tons of data to get insightful information that helped them understand the changed consumer wants. But the on-going COVID-19 pandemic taught some data lesions that are practical and provocative, ranging from the importance of trust, collaboration, and addressing the limitations and misinformation.

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5 Business Lessons From the Makers of Sharknado

The Asylum takes a film idea, a budget of “well under a million dollars”, and turns it into a film in under 2 months! They release movies exclusively on a “straight to video” basis, starring actors no one has ever heard of. Yet they are one of the most profitable film companies going.

Their unique low budget, low risk, fast turnover business model has created a film producing machine that Hollywood can’t replicate.

Cutting costs and reducing risk to produce low, but easily repeatable, profit margins is not a new business concept. Supermarkets have been doing it for decades. However, it takes a different mindset to make it work it in an established marketplace.

Here we will look at 5 of the ways The Asylum applies different ways of thinking to its business model.

1. Don’t Get Bogged Down in Perfectionism

If you watch Sharknado, or any film produced by The Asylum, you will know they are low budget and not of the highest quality. The scripts are clunky, they star are nobodies, and their approach to CGI is very much along the lines of “That will do”.

In a 2009 interview, The Asylum producer Jack Perez revealed the following facts about typical from the The Asylum;

  • They take a film from idea to release in 2 months.
  • The budget is “well under a million dollars” for each film.
  • Filming takes just 12 days to complete.

Yet, it is impossible to find any reports of any of their 300+ films making a loss. In an interview, The Asylum producer David Rimawi revealed a typical from The Asylum took just 3 months to break even.

With such limited time and money, The Asylum can’t afford to make their films perfect and nor do they attempt to. They focus on making acceptable quality films that their fans enjoy.

Their business model has been compared to that of the porn industry. They make films as cheap and quick as possible and ten rely on lots of small amounts of profit to roll in. The profit margins are not huge, but they are risk-free and come from a process that can be repeated indefinitely.

It’s the opposite approach to the high-end studios. They spend high budgets, to make the best possible films, to generate the highest potential profits. But it is also a high-risk approach. There is no guaranty a high budget will result in a big profit (the recent Cats film is a prime example of this — The film cost $125-$150 to make and made a loss of $50-$100).

If The Asylum shifted towards the Hollywood model their production times and costs would increase dramatically. Their risk-free, lower profit margins would vanish and be replaced with higher-risks, and slightly higher potential profits. Would the extra effort, money, and risk really produce a greater return over the longer term?

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The Entrepreneur’s Unsung Superpower: Forwardable Emails

I’d just started Techstars in Kansas City, 2017. I was hyped up, stoked beyond belief to be part of this incredible network, drinking the Techstars Koolaid and loving every gulp.

We were listening to David Cohen talk to us about fundraising tactics over Blue Jeans video conferencing when he spoke the words that changed my life forever:

“… and then once you get a response, offer to send them a ‘forwardable email’…”

My ears perked up. “Forwardable email”? I’d never heard of this concept before, but it sounded intriguing. In the short 5 minutes that followed, he went on to describe a concept that I’ve spent the last 4 years perfecting.

Networking is the name of the game

As an entrepreneur, the success of your business lies in your ability to connect with the people who will help you make it happen. Yes, this is true for most people in business, particularly salespeople, but I believe it’s especially true for entrepreneurs since you’re trying to do so much more than just make a sale.

As an entrepreneur, yes, you’re looking to make your next sale, but you’re also looking for your next hire, your next investor, your next VP of marketing, your next advisor, your next press release, your next partnership, your next distributor, your next lawyer, your next banker, your next supplier…you get the idea. Every facet of your business is a problem that needs to be solved by an individual, and odds are, you don’t know all the people you need to know to make it happen.

Thus, the name of the game is networking. It’s about identifying who you need to talk to, and the mapping out the shortest, most likely path from point A (you) to point B (the person you need to talk to). And the forwardable email is one of the best tools to make it happen.

What is a forwardable email, and why is it useful?

Suppose you’ve already identified the person you need to talk to (Person B, we’ll call “The Target” from here) and after mining LinkedIn, you identify Person C (we’ll call them “The Connector” from here) as the one who you think probably has the strongest connection to The Target.

Image for post

Odds are, The Connector is very busy, and you need to maximize the probability that they will make the introduction to The Target for you.

The forwardable email is an email you write specifically for the Target, but you send to The Connector for them to forward it to The Target on your behalf.

The general idea is, The Target is likely to ignore a direct email from you (if you even have their email address!), but because they have a relationship with The Connector, they would probably read/respond to an email from them.

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Videlify Review - Videlify Plus Custom Bonuses

Videlify Review: This cloud-based app allows you to place your clickable links, video ads, and buttons on websites and videos.
Good day, gentlemen! I have some exciting news for you: I've accompanied a Videlify Review, and you can see my complete and valid survey on this Videlify Review Page. You will almost certainly become more familiar with point-by-point data as a result of this. 


Create Unlimited Videos and In-Stream Video Ads to Set Up Your Passive Income Streams in Minutes, Its Complete Features, Working Technique, Pros and Cons, Pricing Upgrades, and more.

Videlify Review demonstrates how to Breakthrough with Videlify. IN SECONDS – IN ANY NICHE – GENERATES 24/7 TRAFFIC. Cloud-Based App Legally Places Your Clickable Links/Video Ads/Buttons On Others' Sites & Videos In Just A Few Clicks Videlify is revolutionary software that allows you to legally hijack any video and place your In-Stream video advertising on it without spending a thing. What Are In-Stream Video Ads and How Do They Work? YouTube, for example, uses it for their platform. When you choose a video, you are forced to watch an in-stream video ad before proceeding to the main video. You are sent to the advertiser's website when you click the link within the video.
[Complete Product Overview] Videlify Review
We built Videlify to provide you complete control over your in-stream ads:
[+]Without having to spend any money.
[+]Without having to worry about your ad account being suspended because Videlify gives you complete control over your adverts.
Without having to wait for anyone's approval of the ad.
Furthermore, Videlify enables you to: [+] Easily include interactive features (CTA, Button, Clickable Link/Text, Opt-in Form, etc.) in your video advertising to increase user engagement and retention. You can use your video advertising to promote a variety of various types of deals.
[+] Hijack authority from any site and use it to promote your hijacked video campaign to gain more traffic and sales.
We offer an in-built trending article searcher that will assist you in finding the most popular articles on the web.
[+] Easily organize bulk campaigns across 21 social media networks over the course of a year.
All campaigns are housed on our lightning-fast server, so there's no need for hosting, a domain, video creation, or WordPress websites for newbies.
Review of Videlify: Pros Amazing, helpful, and cost-effective service for any industry
Newbie-friendly to the core
Completely customizable
Dedicated and ongoing assistance
In-Stream Video Ads With No Limits To Promote Any Offer

Profit In 4 Easy Steps With Videlify
STEP 1: Open the Videlify cloud-based app and log in.
STEP 2: Open the app and paste any video link.
STEP 3: Launch Videlify Campaign and insert your free video advertising into a hijacked video.
STEP 4: Using our Bulk Social Schedule App, share or embed your campaign anywhere you want.

VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO VIDE Prices and Specifications Frontend Regular Videlify ($17)
Add In-Stream Video Ads/Affiliate Links/Interactive Elements to Any Video
[+]Blast It To 21 Social Media Platforms Simultaneously Hijack Any Website and Put Hijacked Video Campaign/Affiliate Link On It (or Use Schedule Feature)
Premium Support + In-Depth Training
No need for hosting or a domain [+]
Bonuses that are hot: Videlify Voiceover App, Lifetime Video Hosting, Lifetime Drive Platform, Lifetime Website Builder, Lifetime Autoresponder
License for commercial use is included.
OTO #1 ($37): Videlify Pro
Create an unlimited number of videos and include an unlimited number of in-stream video ads/affiliate links, as well as interactive elements.
Integrate as many social accounts as you want for a bulk social schedule.
In-stream video advertising can now include custom HTML/Google Maps.
Module for Image-to-Video Ads [+]
Module for Website Content Builder is unlocked.
VIDELIFY ADVANCED ($47) is the second OTO.
Curate the most popular articles on the internet
Analytic Dashboard with a lot of information.
Add in-stream video ads with hotspots, quizzes, and polls.
Access to 1 million hours of HD stock video [+]
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OTO #3: DFY Toolkit by Videlify ($47)
Part 1: A revolutionary software collection that allows you to generate spectacular social photos, animated movies, and video adverts for your social media accounts.
Part 2: You'll get some gorgeous do-it-yourself graphics to use:
+DFY Thumbnails +100 High-Converting DFY Videos +800 Royalty-Free Graphics +200 Customizable Logos +Infographics and Editable Banners +DFY Thumbnails
OTO #4 ($47-$127)Videlify Agency
Allow users to manage films for their clients. In addition, we allow users to create 100-500 customer accounts.

You can also get our DFY Agency Package, which includes... – DFY Email Templates – Professional Agency Website – Fiverr Sales Kit OTO #5: DFY Social Marketing Suite OTO #6: DFY Video Sales Letter OTO #7: DFY Client Contract Template OTO #8: DFY Client Contract Template OTO #9: DFY Client Contract Template OTO #10: DFY Client Contract Template OTO #9: DFY Client Contract Template OTO #10: DFY Client Contract Club Videlify ($19) 4 Game-Changing Apps + Weekly Internal Training + All-New Software
OTO #6 ($67): Videlify Reseller
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Make Use of Our Sale Pages
Take Advantage of Our Video Marketing Modules
Use Our Web Hosting Services
Frequently Asked Questions about Videlify
Is it legal to do this?
Yes! Furthermore, it is completely ethical. That's because we employ a unique method to hijack other people's websites and movies for traffic that doesn't infringe any laws. You're not going to get into any difficulty.
How long does it take for traffic to build up?
It varies, but it normally takes between 24 and 48 hours. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will begin to receive traffic.
Is there anything more I should know about the costs?
Nope! None… You only need an internet connection and a copy of Videlify to start getting buyer traffic. And there are no monthly costs...
Videlify is compatible with which devices?
Videlify is a web-based program that works on any device with an internet connection. As a result, you might utilize it even on your phone! Isn't it amazing?
I'm all in. What's the best way to get started?
To get a copy of Videlify for a cheap one-time fee, click the button below right now...
Is there a training tutorial included with your product?
In the member area, there will be step-by-step training tutorials.
Do you know if it's been updated?
Yes, that has happened. You will receive free updates at all times.
If you purchase Videlify right now, you will receive $4385 in bonuses.
IMMEDIATE ACTION BONUS 1: Videlify Lifetime Cloud-Based Video Hosting App (WORTH $997)
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Feature of 1-Click Embed & Share [+]
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Analytical Dashboard with a Lot of Power [+] Thumbnail and image design features built-in [+] Using the Video Fetching Feature to Import Videos [+] [+] Embed Elegant Videos on Any Website, Page, or Device 20000+ High-Quality Stock Assets [+] There is no need for a domain or installation; simply log in and use.
IMMEDIATE ACTION VIDELIFYMailer - Free Autoresponder (WORTH $997) BONUS 2:
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VIDELIFYFunnelBuilder-Lifetime FunnelBuilder To Create Unlimited Websites/Landing Pages In Any Niche (WORTH $997) FAST ACTION BONUS 4:
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IMMEDIATE ACTION WORTH $397 BONUS 5: VoiceOver Creator App
Would you like to use human-sounding voices in your Videlify videos?
This is a new technology that voices over your scripts in seconds with remarkable "human-like" voices.
No technical skills are required; all you have to do is paste your text into the "Text To Convert" box for the language you want your voice over to be done in.
Then use our simple audio editor to easily edit your voice file (increase/decrease pitch, speed, etc.).

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