7 Tips on How to Optimize AWS Costs and Increase Profits

7 Tips on How to Optimize AWS Costs and Increase Profits

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Imagine a world without cloud services. Businesses have to go back to the days when they have to create the physical IT infrastructure, install OS and applications, configurenetwork, invest in security, and constantly monitor performance. This immediately adds to the bill and also the number of resources organizations need to run their functions. Thankfully, cloud services like AWS (Amazon Web Services) do all that for you and charge you a monthly fee. But did you know you can further optimize these costs. This brings us to the question - how to optimize AWS costs? Here we shall share with you seven tips that can help you reduce costs and increase your profits. How to Optimize AWS Costs

  1. Right Sizing EC2 Instances– By rightsizing, scheduling are reserving Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or E2C Instances/Savings Plans you will be able to optimize the costs. The goal with this step is to match instance sizes to the workload. You will need to strike the perfect balance between capacity and resource utilization.
  2. Right Sizing EBS Volumes –Along with EC2 instances you also need to right size EBS volume which are attached to the instances. Most users tend to skip the step of deleting EBS volume when instances are launched. When theseunused EBS volumesremainthey can significantly add to your monthly AWS bill.
  3. Implement Elastic Cloud Architecture – There is always the occasional traffic surge that you need to prepare for and this is where implementing elastic cloud architecture would help you get more for less resources. With this you will be able to auto-scale groups wherein they are scaled in and out based on your needs. This allows you to meet surge in demands without making any compromises.
  4. Resource Cleaning–Like you can cut down on your need of a warehouse space by cleaning the clutter the same can be done with your Amazon Web Services. Using an intelligent resource cleaning tool would allow you to delete unused and obsolete files thus freeing up your resources. As your team use AWS they also generate lots of snapshots while backing up data. By removing some of the obsolete snapshots you will be able to optimize your AWS costs.
  5. Use of Lower Cost Tiers – There are six tiers of storage at different price points to choose from in Amazon Web Services. By moving some of your infrequently access data to lower cost tiers you will be able to cut down on the costs substantially. Review your data and categorize them into frequently used and infrequently used and you can move the latter to these cost effective plans.
  6. Do Away with Unused Assets – AWS comes with all the bells and whistles and there are several assets that you are never really going to use. However, you pay for these assets every month. Doing away with these resources would help you in bringing down the cost of your plan and saving substantially every month.
  7. Automate – You can’t be manually scanning through your data and performing all these checks and steps and this is where automating the process of Instances and Plan management would help you optimize the use of resources. To sum up these are some of the best practices you can follow to optimize your AWS costs. However, if you lack the resources or technical expertise to do so you can always make use of an AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Tool. They are absolutely handsfree and ensure continuous optimizations in real-time and help you get the best out of your AWS cloud. These tools assure great savings on your AWS bills and can increase your profits substantially.

Summary: In this write-up we discuss how to optimize AWS costs and how AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Tool can help in reducing the costs and increasing your profits.

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