Rusty  Shanahan

Rusty Shanahan


How to Prioritize Your SEO Efforts

The breakneck speed of Google algorithm updates can push your website to the brink. Google keeps making updates to be the best, and SEOs keep trying to outsmart the changes that happen.

At the end of last year, mobile and speed related updates took some of us by surprise. These have changed the way we use to build our SEO campaigns. Here’s what you should be focusing on for search right now:

Mobile First Indexing

Mobile First Indexing has been talk of the city since March 2018. In a nutshell, it means that Google will prioritize the mobile version of any website for crawling and indexing. Certainly, this major shift has left the SEO world in confusion. But to be specific this shift addresses only indexing — not ranking. Indexing doesn’t affect the ranking of a website.

Then what factors will be challenged by Mobile First Indexing? If you have a responsive website with the same content on mobile and desktop version, you don’t have to worry much. But there could be a problem when your mobile version has less content than desktop. Typically because of space and size reasons such things happen. If the missing content includes major ranking signals your webpage might get a hit on google search results.

To reduce the risk you should run Google Mobile-Friendly Test and fix the issues.

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How to Prioritize Your SEO Efforts

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Junipero IT

Junipero IT


SEO Services in Gurgaon, Best SEO Company in Delhi NCR – Juniperoites

Junipero IT Solutions is the top seo services company in Delhi Ncr and India. Provide 100% result and full customer support.

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10 Best SEO Tools That SEO Experts Use in 2021

Are you planning to hire SEO experts? If yes, this blog is going to help you to enrich your knowledge regarding SEO tools. When you outsource an SEO service company, it should offer you tailor-made services to take your business to a new height.

I have listed the most powerful SEO tools to rank your page higher and increase the online traffic of your website.

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