What Is White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

What Is White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

Explore what is white label cryptocurrency exchange and find out its components, security features and technology stack.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a ready to launch, licence free, Cryptocurrency exchange software that can deploy a complete cryptocurrency exchange with risk free trading features. Being the monopoly in the cryptocurrency exchange development, bitdeal brings the best solutions for bitcoin traders and entrepreneurs to start an advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our professionalism and acquaintance in cryptocurrency exchange development, made us develop a white label cryptocurrency exchange software that can build a standalone, competitive, and robust cryptocurrency exchange with advanced features in all aspects. With the goal of making an all in one cryptocurrency exchange platform, we have integrated necessary trading features and API integrations within our single master cryptocurrency exchange software.

At Bitdeal provides white label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software with KYC/AML, 2FA, Integrated Cryptocurrency Wallet, Merchant API’s, Liquidity API’s, Advanced CMS, Advanced Admin Console, Margin Trading, Cryptocurrency Staking and more premium features listed in the right here.

Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Advanced Order Types Order Matching Engine Customizable platform for specific features 500+ Multi Cryptocurrencies Support Extensive vulnerability assessmentSmart Contract Two Factor Authentication AlertsERC-20 Ethereum Tokens TRX Tokens Support Smart Contracts for workflow automation IEO / Launchpad Easy to change platform settings from Admin consoleOTC Trading Multi-Lingual DEX / Decentralized Trading Support Cryptocurrency Options and Futures Trading P2P Trading

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