9 Techniques to Write Your Code Efficiently

9 Techniques to Write Your Code Efficiently

How to write efficient, faster code to improve the performance of the program. It’s really easy to write efficient and faster code. Efficient code, not just only improves the functionality of the code but it can also reduce the time and space complexity of the programming.

It’s really easy to write** efficient** and faster code. Efficient code, not just only improves the functionality of the code but it can also reduce the time and space complexity of the programming.

Speed is one of the major factors in deciding the** quality of the code**, for instance, your code might be producing the required result but it takes some time to execute then it will not be considered a quality code. An alternative approach to the same problem producing faster results will be considered better.

The code should be clean i.e. comprehensible *and *readable so that it can be reused (saving the efforts of rewriting the whole program from scratch), adding new features, and making the process of debugging more easier.

In this article, I will cover some** simple tips and **techniques which we can easily apply to make our code more elegant and efficient.

There is always more than one method to solve the problem.

How to write code efficiently

Now let me show you how we can make our code efficient and faster.

1. Creating function

If your block of code is being repeated or it has a similar structure and it can be parameterized, generalize it by creating a function for the same.

Creating a function will be computationally cheaper and will create a much cleaner (readable) code as well.

def function(a,b,c):
  #write your code here

Rather than writing the same code again and again, now we will just have to call the function to execute the code block.

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