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Top utility-first CSS Frameworks

Compare Tailwind, Tachyons, Shed.css, Basscss, and Expressive to learn how your project can benefit from a utility-first CSS framework.

CSS is an easy-to-use design language for making colorful websites and applications. CSS can be fun when working on smaller projects but it becomes overly complicated on large-scale projects where you can experience naming inconsistencies and code repetition. Developers have introduced various solutions to this problem, from BEM and SMACSS methodologies to frameworks aimed at solving some of these underlying issues.

Over the years, many CSS frameworks have cropped up to help simplify the development process. These frameworks take different approaches. For example, some of them follow the utility-first methodology and are hence called utility-first frameworks.

Utility-first frameworks provide a low-level utility class to build out custom designs within your HTML file. Utility classes are named according to their intended purpose, such that they’re easily understandable to the average person.

<div class="bg-white"></div>

The primary purpose of the class .bg-white is to add a background color of white. There are different classes for different purposes, such as setting background color or adding a margin or padding to a container.

It’s worth noting that utility-first frameworks do not provide a long-lasting solution to CSS’s underlying issues as a design language, but they can help reduce style-related headaches in the development process.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best utility-first CSS frameworks available in 2021.

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Top utility-first CSS Frameworks

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Top 10 Popular Java Frameworks Every Developer Should Know in 2021

Java frameworks are essentially blocks of pre-written code, to which a programmer may add his code to solve specific problems. Several Java frameworks exist, all of which have their pros and cons. All of them can be used to solve problems in a variety of fields and domains. Java frameworks reduce the amount of coding from scratch that programmers have to do to come up with a solution.

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Getting started with Tailwind CSS: A utility-first CSS framework

In this tutorial, Getting started with Tailwind CSS, I will show you 3 different ways to get up and running with the utility-first CSS Framework.

When you have completed this tutorial you should understand:
✅ What is a utility-first CSS framework?
✅ Why choose Tailwind CSS?
✅ 3 different ways to get started with Tailwind CSS
✅ Learn Tailwind with CodePen
✅ Installing Tailwind via CDN
✅ Installing Tailwind CSS from NPM

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