ISRO Offers A Five-Day Machine Learning Course For Free

ISRO Offers A Five-Day Machine Learning Course For Free

In this article, I will talk about ISRO Offers a free 5-day machine learning course

The Indian Space Research Organisation has announced a five-day free course on machine learning, between July 5 -9. The course is being offered as part of the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing’s (part of ISRO) outreach program. Central and state government employees, researchers, professionals, and those attached with NGOs can attend the course. Interested candidates must have basic knowledge of remote sensing and GIS.

The short course is designed for professionals engaged in remote sensing data processing in different applications which involves extracting a specific class of interest. 

The course content is planned as follows:

July 5: Remote Sensing and its sensors of various resolutions. Radiometry and Geometric corrections and Basic understanding of Image

July 6: Basic classifier to machine learning-A journey

July 7: Methods in machine learning: Supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement. 

July 8: Fuzzy based machine learning with application in temporal data processing

July 9: Network-based learning algorithms – ANN to CNN/RNN


The course materials such as lecture slides, recordings of the classes, handouts of the demonstrations, etc will be made available to the students and the full video lectures will be uploaded on YouTube.

Candidates can attend the course live via any web browser through the e-class portal of IIRS Dehradun. The participants can also attend the live workshop via IIR’s YouTube channel of IIR.

For receiving the course completion certificate, a student must have attended 70 percent of the sessions via the e-class portal. Students attending the class via IIR’s YouTube channel should mark their attendance via an offline session made available after 24 hours post the class.

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