Digital transformation in manufacturing: How tech is changing the industry world

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Digital transformation in manufacturing: How tech is changing the industry world

Olivia Green


New technologies are changing the industry at an incredible rate. So that the tastes and habits of one generation become irrelevant for the next. And if people used to do almost everything manually, now the future is full automation of the process. And this is for the best, because with the help of technology, we can do much more work than manually. Take even the process of plastic injection molding - this is the most common method of large-scale production of plastic products. The injection molding process requires complex equipment and serious technical training. Now, if you need mass production of plastic packaging, or even children’s toys, turning to a specialized place to real professionals, such as Qmolding: - you will quickly get a high-quality product made of dense material.

Ajay Kapoor


Digital Transformation Consulting Services & solutions

Compete in this Digital-First world with PixelCrayons’ advanced level digital transformation consulting services. With 16+ years of domain expertise, we have transformed thousands of companies digitally. Our insight-led, unique, and mindful thinking process helps organizations realize Digital Capital from business outcomes.

Let our expert digital transformation consultants partner with you in order to solve even complex business problems at speed and at scale.

Digital transformation company in india

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yogesh sashi

yogesh sashi


How to learn online digital marketing course for Beginners Guidelines

How to learn online digital marketing course for Beginners: Guidelines


With a rising demand for digital marketers and low supply, building a career in this field could be an ideal choice. 


So, are you a beginner looking to learn an online digital marketing course in Bangalore? If yes, continue reading, and we will help you out! 


There are two options to learn digital marketing online. 

Self-study, or

Online courses


Let me elaborate on it for you so you can make the right choice.



Digital Marketing is a vast field, and opting for self-study could be good or bad for you. Here. Let me explain. There are many tutorials online where you get to study for free. If you search “Digital Marketing course” on Google, there will be millions of results. But be careful. Not all of them are useful. You may gain knowledge, but no expertise or practical exposure.


Anyway, below are a few resources that can help you learn digital marketing courses online for free:


There is tons of content on YouTube. People love watching YouTube videos so much that in 2021, almost one billion hours of content was watched daily. Just imagine the number of videos on digital marketing. Must be huge, right? Oh yes.


According to a survey sent out by search engine journals, 85% of Digital Marketers publish videos on YouTube. There are many areas of digital marketing that are taught in the videos:

SEO videos

Social media management videos

PPC videos

Content creation videos

Mobile marketing videos

These online videos go in-depth into digital marketing. It includes strategies on 

How to grow your business

How to increase your online presence

Writing better content

Designing ad campaigns that convert

Managing social media

And a lot more!

Here are a few channels you could subscribe to enhance your digital marketing skills:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Neil Patel



Great learning


Learn Digital With Google

With this course, you can master the basics of digital marketing. There are 26 modules, all created by Google experts, which are packed full of practical experience and knowledge. Over 300,000 people have already gained this qualification, and are using it to build their careers.


Course Features

Self-paced learning

Video tutorials

Unlimited access

Recognized certification


By the end of the course, you can download your certificate online and use it to kick-start your career.


Online Courses

There are hundreds of online courses you can find. Udemy, Coursera, Great learning are some of the online teaching platforms that offer a digital marketing course for free + paid. They have an outstanding track record and internationally renowned certifications. But what do they lack? Practical training.


If you are looking to build a career in this field, it is crucial to get practical exposure with theoretical training. 


Digital Academy 360 is an award-winning digital marketing training institute in Bangalore with an aim to upskill students, working professionals, and business owners. Our experts have over ten years of working experience in industry-based live projects. And have trained over 30,000 students, most of whom have been placed in top MNCs.


We provide online courses so you can stay in the comfort of your home and learn from us. And if you are worried about the timings, don’t worry! They are flexible, and we are sure that our batch timings will be perfect for you.




Our course is 80% practical and 20% theoretical. You get to work on agency-based live projects and case studies that are just perfect for you to understand the workings of the digital marketing industry. And we also follow the policy of 100% placement or fees return.


Satisfied? If yes, just click here and we’ll take you through our online digital marketing course.



With this article, I hope you have understood the importance of practical training along with theory. Self-study could be great, but practical exposure is no guarantee.


So, take a digital marketing course in Bangalore with us, and we will assure you of practical training. We are the best digital marketing training institute and are ready to build your career and make you digital experts.


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Siphiwe  Nair

Siphiwe Nair


Data industry is changing the face of our World: True or False?

The data industry is booming as we continue to produce data in greater quantities and on a massive scale.

Regardless of the sector you work in or irrespective of your preferences, you will certainly find out how “data” is transforming our world’s image. It could be part of a research that helps cure a disease, increase the profit of a company, make a construction more convenient, or be accountable for those targeted advertisements you keep seeing. The data industry is booming as we continue to produce data in greater quantities and on a massive scale.

Data Industry
Different types of employment in the data industry

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Digital Twin Revolution in the Healthcare Industry 2021

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yogesh sashi

yogesh sashi


Why am I able to choose digital academy 360 to learn digital marketing

Why am I able to choose digital academy 360 to learn digital marketing?

Digital Academy 360 is an advanced digital marketing training institute in Chennai. We opened the doorways in 2015 and were ever developing due to the fact that. Today, we have a professional team of a hundred, with our first actual worker nevertheless on board! And, have educated over 20,000  students. Our institute's venture is to provide excellent and industry-general-primarily based training at a less costly value. 

Allow to inform why you join Digital Academy 360, to study a digital marketing course in Chennai

Great trainers

Advanced Courses

Career & placement help

High-quality reviews

Now I’ll provide an explanation for the above points to make it even extra clean for you. 


Industry Trainers

We're a crew of digital marketing professionals with over 10+ years of operating experience in industry-based totally stay initiatives. Our trainers have upskilled students, commercial enterprise proprietors, and working specialists. 


Special professionals leading in that field teach each module and enlighten you with their competencies and information. Now not handiest will they assist you in clearing doubts, however additionally come up with insights on 

How you can become a professional in digital marketing, and 

The way to write proposals is if you get a piece offer. 

Advanced Courses

I’m certain you are satisfied with our trainers. Now let me help you with the courses we provide. Because of the advanced digital marketing training institute, we are recognized for providing 80% realistic education and 20% theoretical training. 

Skill diploma in digital marketing & analytics (5 months), with 100+ modules

PCP in digital marketing (2.5 months), with 40+ modules

We have added those packages after consulting one hundred+ digital marketing experts after which designed them in step with the industry requirements. Our students will examine digital marketing from primary to developing tiers and the fundamentals of the remaining topics might be included, relevant to the digital marketing industry. 


Additionally, we:

Offer 10+ certifications

Give you 24/7 LMS get admission to

Have bendy timings, and 

An alternative of online/offline training


Profession & placement support

Because of the top digital marketing institute, we observe the coverage of one hundred% placement or prices return. Also, we offer professional assistance to all our college students. We help you identify your strengths and manual you in the direction of choosing the proper specializations. 

Our devoted placement officer gives:

One-on-one counselling

Recommendations on suitable roles

Updates on interview schedules

Feedback in your overall performance 


Other than career steerage, we also help you with:

Portfolio building

Resume building

Soft competencies schooling

Personality development, &

Cracking interviews

We've got positioned our students in pinnacle MNCs:





ITC Limited


Fine critiques

Rated 4.7/5, we have fine opinions on all structures. From being referred to as the satisfactory digital marketing institute to providing quality courses, we have pleasing reviews everywhere so you can take the subsequent step with us! 

Most of our testimonials include these advantageous phrases:



Fine value

For this reason, we sincerely have excellent evaluations in comparison to other institutes. Don’t trust it? 



With these factors, I’m certain you may tell that we're the best digital marketing training institute. We assure you to kick begin your profession in this subject and reach more heights. With our top-notch digital marketing module and fine trainers, we assist you to become a digital marketing professional. So, sign up and decorate your talents properly with our digital marketing courses in Chennai.

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