New Features of Laravel 8.0

New Features of Laravel 8.0

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Laravel 8 has been released right now and it consists of lots of innovative features, which include Laravel Jetstream, rate-limiting enhancements, model factory classes, a model directory, dynamic blade components, migration squashing, time testing helpers, and so on.

Before jumping into these innovative features, we want to mention that Laravel, beginning with version 6, follows semver right now and will be releasing a new version at the interval of every 6 months.

Laravel Jetstream

This particular feature helps to improve the prevailing Laravel UI scaffolding which is found in the earlier versions. It offers a starting point for the innovative projects which include registration, login, email verification, session management, team management, 2-factor authentication, as well as API support through Laravel.

Models Directory

The application skeleton of Laravel consists of a directory known as “app/Models”. It is assumed by every generator command that models are present in “app/Models”; nevertheless, in case there is no existence of this directory, the framework is going to assume that the models are kept by the application within the folder named “app/”.

Model Factory Classes

Starting from Laravel 8, expressive model factors happen to be class-based, accompanied by enhanced and amazing support for connections between factories. You will perhaps agree to the fact that the new syntax for producing records by employing the enhanced and innovative model factors is quite awesome. The Laravel Development Services have paid full attention to this feature.

Migration Squashing

In case lots of migration files are present within your application, it will be possible for you to squash them into one SQL file. This particular file is going to be executed initially while running migrations, and this will be followed by the rest of the migration files which do not belong to the schema file that has been squashed. Squashing any existing migration file might improve performance and decrease the bloat of migration files while performing tests.

Enhanced Rate Limiting

Huge enhancements are brought by Laravel 8 to the prevailing rate-limiting functionality while providing much more flexibility and supporting backward compatibility with the present throttle middleware. Laravel 8 comes with the Rate Limiters concept which can be defined by employing a facade.

Learn more new features here:

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