Top 10 Popular UI Component Libraries for React Apps

Top 10 Popular UI Component Libraries for React Apps

Rapidly build clean-looking user interfaces with these UI component libraries for React. In this React tutorial, we are going to list some of the best component libraries available to use in your React applications. The libraries mentioned in this post are open-source.

When building a ReactJS app, you can take advantage of isolated UI components to speed up your build. This idea is not something new – it's actually a React philosophy. Using UI component libraries helps you accelerate development time while using best practices followed by various developers all over the world.

When creating a React app, deciding to use a specific component library could be a difficult decision to make since there are many options available.

In this post, we are going to list some of the best component libraries available to use in your React applications. The libraries mentioned in this post are open-source.


Material design was introduced by Google around 2014 as a design language, and it still shares some popularity among web and mobile applications. One of the common ways to integrate and use this design system in React apps is through the Material UI library.

It is one of the most popular component UI libraries in the React world. It offers built-in methods such as makeStyles to style and customizes components that are available with this library. The documentation is clear and beginner-friendly, and the components often have reference to specific Material design systems they are based on. The merit of using this library comes with its popularity and having a small bundle size. You can create your own customizable themes and color palettes and share them globally to use across the entire React app.

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Ant Design

Ant Design library enables you to build React Native apps quickly and has a large set of React UI components. It's a library written entirely in TypeScript with support for internationalization for over 12 languages. The documentation is comprehensive, and the set of components are well named.

All modern browsers are supported by this library, such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and so on. Other than supporting web browsers, the components from this library are also available to use with modern desktop app-building frameworks like Electron. The design system this UI component library is based on is well-thought-out, and there are over 50 customizable components.

If you are looking forward to developing a mobile application along with a web app, Ant Design offers a separate mobile UI component library for cross-platform applications that are developed using React Native. The advantage here is that both of these UI component libraries follow the same design system, which comes with its own set of icons and charts.

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