Beautiful JavaScript Data Visualization Libraries

Beautiful JavaScript Data Visualization Libraries

Charts and graphs don’t have to be bland and boring. If you’re building a web app using JavaScript, it is inevitable that at some point you’ll need to display some data.

f you’re building a web app using JavaScript, it is inevitable that at some point you’ll need to display some data. Preferably in an easy-to-digest manner, which usually means generating some type of chart or graph. Visualizing data is an important element of your application, and it should enhance the look and feel of the app not drag it down with bland, dull style.

Building charts and graphs by hand is time consuming and just plain silly with the amount of freely available libraries out there today. But finding the right library can be tough. There are so many options that it can overwhelming. Striking a good balance between features, the look and feel of the elements and the complexity of configuration is tricky.

I’ve put together a list of some superb, free and easy-to-use chart libraries that exemplify the perfect balance of these elements without being too clunky or complex. I’ll also provide some links and additional information to use each library with a few popular frameworks like React, Vue or Ember.


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Modern, sleek, popular and a breeze to implement. Chart.js is a fantastic library for any project because of its simplicity and elegance. The elements are responsive and look great. Chart.js uses HTML5 elements which means the animations and renders are buttery smooth and efficient across a wide range of browsers.

This library is a great addition to any project to display even the most complex of datasets. With Chart.js you get a lot of built-in functionality and interactivity for free. Things like toggling to enable or disable different datasets are presented by default and make producing useful, dynamic visuals a breeze. For more detailed information on setting up Chart.js checkout the official documentation. There is also a great beginners guide that takes you through each step element-by-element from Stanley Ulili available here.

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