The True Importance of Machine Speed for a Seasoned Developer

The True Importance of Machine Speed for a Seasoned Developer

One aspect of programming that can be overlooked by developers is what type of machine they should use on their continuous journey as a developer (emphasis on the word “continuous”).

Why Do You Need a Powerful Computer to Develop Your Apps?

One aspect of programming that can be overlooked by developers is what type of machine they should use on their continuous journey as a developer (emphasis on the word “continuous”).

Sometimes, for budgetary reasons, developers will get the machine they can afford for themselves or their teams, without looking into what computer would be required to do the job well.

Nevertheless, from the simple and fast interpreted code of web development, through desktop, game and mobile development to the training of complex machine learning algorithms powered by Big Data, all developers need a computer that can cope with continuous development and stand the test of time.

The Problem With a Sluggish Computer

Programming or coding doesn’t necessarily require the most powerful computer on the market. Nonetheless, your work also involves tasks like complex image editing, which do require more powerful hardware and, of course, there is testing and running the apps, websites or games you’ve created, often using emulation in the case of mobile and multi-platform developers.

To accomplish these tasks, programmers usually use heavy software such as IDE’s (integrated development environment), virtual emulators, design and graphics software, and image editing software. If your computer is not up to standard or sluggish you’re in for serious trouble, especially when working with heavyweight development environments like Visual Studio and Android Studio.

Programmers with sluggish machines are usually angry at work, inefficient, and never do their work as they intended. It affects their performance and speed, which can be crucial when working on a planned and time-costly project.

While web developers may not necessarily need a powerful computer, I still advise them to get one because IDE’s are becoming more and more complex and resource-demanding with each upgrade. Design and graphics software mostly used by web developers for designing and creating content are also becoming more complex and resource-demanding — Adobe applications are a good example.

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Left comic from and right comic from the post “I hate slow computers!” on Reddit

These comics can give you an idea of what having a sluggish computer can be like, but let’s get back to real life. Let me share my experience with Visual Studio, Android Studio, and a computer that was not prepared for these two monsters.

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Visual studio not responding errors

Above is my visual studio 2019 screen starting up and opening the last project I worked on. As you can see I’m facing an “application not responding” error. This can last for two to three minutes before I can start working. Apart from that, even when typing code sometimes the IDE lags and I can’t do anything until it responds, which is very frustrating.

All this troubleon a computer of 6GB of Ram Running windows 10, with a processing speed of 2.5ghz/s and Intel Core(TM) i7–7500U processor.

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Project build taking 30 mins and ending up with an error because the computer is sluggishImage for post

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Android Studio ripping away machine resources

In the images above you can see Android Studio on the same computer, ripping resources and making the computer sluggish. The project build fails because the machine is slow.

Working on this computer becomes very discouraging and frustrating. You’re inefficient and you will never work on any project as intended, so you’re also unable to take on projects of more advanced complexity.

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