Access Control in GraphQL

Access Control in GraphQL

This post is from early 2016. We published an updated post on this topic in 2018, which you can read here:Authorization in GraphQLPractical methods for controlling access to the data in your If you like, you can read the original content of this post below!

A GraphQL schema defines types. Each type — except for scalar types like Int, Float or String — has fields which define the relationship between this type and other types (one to one, or one to many). If you think about your schema in terms of a graph, types are the nodes of your graph, and fields are edges. Scalar types have no fields, so they form the leaf nodes of your graph.

A GraphQL query is just an instruction for traversing the graph in a specific way, resulting in a tree.

When traversing a tree, you would start at the root, but a graph has no root so there is no logical starting point!

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We published an updated post on this topic in 2018. Since a GraphQL query is just a set of instructions for how to traverse the graph, there are two natural options for enforcing permissions: Which edges the user can traverse and Which nodes the user can visit.

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