The Amazon Effect Is Making Customer Service Reps’ Lives Hell

The Amazon Effect Is Making Customer Service Reps’ Lives Hell

The pandemic has exposed a major rift in the retail industry.This heightened stress and irritability.

I began to notice a surge of these types of comments on brands’ Instagram accounts in early April, as warehouses shut down or decreased capacity, companies began to lay off staff, and shipping services became overwhelmed with a flood of orders. But as angry and even rude customers were willing to appear in public social media comments, behind the scenes — via email and chat, primarily — they were even meaner, as recent reports about overwhelmed bookstores working hard to get people’s books to them in a timely manner have made clear. Even one of my favorite dog rescues is struggling under the weight of pissed-off would-be rescuers.

These customers, many of whom are likely wrestling with their own diminished mental health amid a global pandemic, are taking out their problems on the online support staff of the world. This heightened stress and irritability (which in-person customer service folks are grappling with as well), paired with looser behavioral standards around online interactions than real-life ones, are resulting in a very toxic combination that customer service agents shouldn’t have to swallow.

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