The power of email clients: why did we redesign Thunderbird?

The power of email clients: why did we redesign Thunderbird?

We’re happy to let you know, that our Thunderbird redesign idea is now a working theme and can be downloaded here. Unfortunately, it is available for Linux only for now.

Our Thunderbird redesign drew a lot of buzz from industry press. Now we teamed up with Mozilla Thunderbird core team to think how we can upgrade current look and feel of the product. Maybe using the “Monterail” theme or its next version? You can read the continuity to the story in the newest article. 

Update (27.04.17):

We’re happy to let you know, that our Thunderbird redesign idea by Krystian Polański from our team is now a working theme and can be downloaded here. Thanks to everyone who supported the case and made this happen, especially to spymastermatt, who used our mockups and managed to recreate it really closely.

Another great news is that Richard Marti, Primary maintainer of Thunderbird themes, is working on a theme available for all platforms. It is based on our redesign, using original icons provided by our design team. It is still work in progress but will soon most likely be simply installable by everyone.

Stay tuned for more info!

Our mockups received some great recognition from the community on Dribbble (with almost 30k views currently), but also on other social media.

We hope you’ll enjoy using it!

Full story about Thunderbird redesign idea

No matter what happens in the messaging world, email is here to stay. Slack didn’t kill email. Hipchat didn’t kill email. None of the other applications from this list killed email. And no matter how much we try not to rely on them, we end up using them more and/or in sync with all the new tools that we started using to replace email in the first place. If you want to know more: read here.

I think this is because email is simple, versatile, safe and reliable.

There is basically nothing you can do wrong; all the patterns are obvious and embedded in our culture of doing things.

Two of my grandparents (aged 86 and 96) use email.

Yet there’s a general notion of hate towards it and an observable movement to do something about it. Even Google made its own client: Inbox, because the native email experience just lacks something.

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