A React Native App That interacts with The Tok & Stok API

A React Native App That interacts with The Tok & Stok API

A React Native app that interacts with the Tok & Stok API showing information about furniture, sofas, chairs and more

Stok Tok. The fastest and easiest way to find furniture on your phone. Find furniture and accessories using the Tok & Stok API.

Stok Tok

Solution modeling

The Stok Tok app was built to work with iOS, Android, Web and PWA. It uses Expo as a central library to build and distribute to all platforms.


The following technologies are used in this project:

Front End

The application has three types of tests: Unit, Integration and End-to-end. All tests are within their context in the folder __tests__.


Expo offers simple ways to build and deploy your application with individual commands:


The web deployment works from these steps and the deployment takes place locally using Vercel .

iOS and Android

The application is deployed in the CI and the commands are stored in a file yaml, check here


The application was designed to be fully accessible to users, navigation through the application can be done entirely through mobile screen readers.

Testing production version on mobile

You can download the app at Expo app or scan the QR code below to open the project on Android and iOS if you already have the Expo Go app:

Stok Tok QR Code

Testing production version on the web

You can click here to check the app working on the web. If you want to use the application as a PWA, go to the settings browser on your phone and download it.

Using location

Like other projects, you will need some requirements to perform:

How to run

You can now choose a command to run the project:

  • yarn ios to run on the iOS simulator
  • yarn android to run on the Android simulator
  • yarn web to run in the web browser


Any bug reports, feature requests and other contributions are more than welcome!

Whenever possible, please place an order with the implementation instead of just requesting it.

If it featureis large, open a topic first for discussion.

  1. To run locally, follow the steps in the "Using locally" section

  2. To raise a PR, learn the steps in the contribution guide .

Download Details:

Author: murillo94

Demo: https://expo.io/login?redirect_uri=/@murillo94/projects/stok-tok

Source Code: https://github.com/murillo94/stok-tok

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