"Never Be Afraid to Say: I Don't Know" — Vindhya C

"Never Be Afraid to Say: I Don't Know" — Vindhya C

Vindhya C won 2019's coveted Noonie Award for Product Manager of the Year. Nominations for the 2020 Award for Product Manager of the Year are OPEN UNTIL 12 AUGUST AT NOON!

In this Q&A, we ask her about product management and get a glimpse into her personal life.

How did you get into Product Management ?

I used to work in a service based industry, far away from the notion of what product management really was, I then discovered, I was a decent computer science engineer but could do something better.

A lot of twists later, I applied to a product company and learnt as much as I can about how it really works. When I thought I was ready, I cold messaged people and landed my first gig!

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