Javascript Projects for Complete Beginners

Javascript Projects for Complete Beginners

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Description This is a Javascript projects course specifically design for those of you that have completed a javascript book or course yet you can't build a project from scratch and STRICTLY for Absolutely beginners / Intermediate. No what is javascript or variables, we start coding straight up.


CRUD: Deploying a Mini Blog that enable you to understand what it takes to Create, Read, Update and Delete. DOM Manipulation: Selectors, traversing the DOM, removing elements, event listeners OOP: ES5 prototypes, inheritance, ES2015 classes & sub-classes, constructors Async JS: Fetch API, callbacks, promises, async / await ES2015+: Arrow functions, template strings. 4 Projects

Airport Finder WeatherJs App Movify Web Application Mini Blog Who this course is for:

People that want to learn how to start a JavaScript project from beginning to advanced without libraries and frameworks You are confused and can't start a project after completing a javascript course Basic knowledge Basic HTML / CSS knowledge What will you learn Build Airport Finder, WeatherJS App & Mini Blog From scratch Learn How to Start a Projects From Scratch Work with REST API, Mini HTTP Library, Classes, Promises, Arrow Function & Async / Await CRUD using Pure Javascript Newest Syntax, No frameworks or libraries Kick Start project using Materialize CSS & Bulma CSS Frameworks ES6, ES7 ES8 Syntax

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